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September 20, 2012

YRT/Viva fare increase approved for 2013

Fares will be adjusted January 1, 2013 to support services for growing YRT/Viva ridership
York Regional Council today approved a YRT/Viva fare increase, effective January 1, 2013.

The fare increase will offset rising operating costs, as well as support the cost of delivering service to YRT/Viva’s growing ridership expected to reach 22.5 million riders in 2013.

The approved 6.38 per cent overall increase will impact all YRT/Viva fares with the exception of the GTA Weekly Pass. Additional revenue generated by the fare change will help YRT/Viva recover 38.9 per cent of the cost to operate the transit system through the farebox. High levels of subsidy are common in public transit delivery ??" a direct result of the high costs of providing the service. In York Region, more than 60 per cent of transit costs are currently subsidized by York Region taxpayers, higher than the 50/50 cost sharing balance the Region aims to ultimately achieve.

YRT/Viva’s annual fare review ensures York Region is working towards balancing costs between riders and taxpayers, addressing rising operating costs, maintaining consistency with other GTA transit systems and investing in the future of our public transit service. As a relatively young system providing services to an unusually large geographical area, significant transit investment is required to support a growing ridership in one of the most rapidly-growing Regions in Ontario.

YRT/Viva provides an affordable and reliable alternative to driving a car. Discounted monthly passes and tickets continue to be an economical option for all riders. York Regional Council also approved a Transit Fare Subsidy Pilot Program in October 2011 to help eligible Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program clients travel to and from work.  The pilot program also includes funding for eligible community agencies to purchase transit tickets for distribution to their low income clients to access basic needs.

YRT/Viva offers local and rapid transit services throughout all nine municipalities in York Region. More than 120 routes keep residents connected within York Region, as well as with connecting services in the City of Toronto and the Regions of Peel and Durham. Year-end projections predict YRT/Viva ridership will exceed 21 million riders in 2012.


One-zone Prices

Two-zone Prices

Fare Category


Effective Jan. 1, 2013


Effective Jan. 1, 2013

All Cash





Express Cash





Adult Tickets (Book of 10)





Student Tickets (Book of 10)





Senior/Child Tickets (Book of 10)





Express Tickets (Book of 10)





Adult Monthly Pass





Student Monthly Pass





Senior/Child Monthly Pass





Express Monthly Pass





Ride to GO Cash





Ride to GO Monthly Sticker





 For more information about YRT/Viva services, please visit the YRT/Viva website at or call the Customer Service Centre at 1-866-MOVE-YRT (668-3978). 

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