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October 18, 2012

The Regional Municipality of York seeks online public input to shape the future of waste 

Residents able to provide direct feedback through online open house
The Regional Municipality of York is seeking residents’ online feedback on an ambitious Regional waste management Master Plan called The SM4RT Living Plan, a comprehensive strategy to guide waste management in York Region for the next 40 years.
York Region is a leader in recycling and recovery. The plan is emerging with a specific focus on the 4Rs hierarchy for waste management and looking at greater opportunities for waste reduction and reuse to drive additional waste diversion.  Public consultation and stakeholder engagement continues to be extensive with input from local municipal partners, residents and industry representatives.
Public consultation has played an integral role in the development of the SM4RT Living Plan. To engage residents at their convenience, York Region is launching an online open house, available at until October 26, 2012.
“SM4RT Living Plan will help change consumer behavior in order to encourage greater waste prevention and reuse, in addition to recycling, composting and energy recovery,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “The vision and study goals have been developed and we are now prepared to receive community input through the online open house.”
The online meeting features video clips of York Region staff and project stakeholders, interactive graphics and survey questions for feedback.
“Holding a community meeting on the Internet is a new approach for York Region,” said Town of Richmond Hill Regional Councillor Vito Spatafora, Chair of the Region’s Environmental Services Committee.  “Residents can participate at their leisure from their home or office and at a time convenient to them.  We are interested in both the results of the open house and how this format is received by residents.”
Input from the public is an essential component and key to success for this project. All York Region residents are encouraged to log onto to make a difference in York Region’s future waste management services.
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