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October 18, 2012

Housing York five-year plan supports changing community needs

Affordable housing plan helps meet diverse needs of York Region’s rapidly growing population
Housing York Inc. has approved the Housing York Inc. Strategic Plan 2012-2016 to help address growing and changing affordable housing needs in The Regional Municipality of York over the next five years.
“Each of the goals within the plan impacts all areas of our business,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch. “It guides the way forward in all aspects of affordable housing from tenant relations to long-term financial strategies.”
Some initiatives within the plan include:
These initiatives fall under the umbrella of five key strategic goals: sustaining healthy communities, effectively managing properties, proactively managing finances, providing user-friendly services, and strengthening governance and organizational capacity.
“York Region’s demographics are changing and those with advancing age, language barriers, mental health and physical disabilities require additional support,” said City of Markham Deputy Mayor Jack Heath, Chair of the Housing York Inc. Board of Directors. “This plan was developed in consultation and collaboration with Housing York board members, tenants and the community to proactively address evolving tenant needs.”
The five-year plan will be reviewed annually and through progress updates on specific initiatives.

Formed in January 2003, Housing York is the largest housing provider in York Region, providing housing to 4,000 people in 2,201 units, across 34 communities in York Region.

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