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November 2, 2012

The Regional Municipality of York and York Regional Police launch pedestrian visibility campaign for return to standard time

Shorter daylight hours and inclement weather require more vigilant behavior on York Region roads
With the end of daylight time this Sunday, November 4, The Regional Municipality of York and York Regional Police have launched a fall pedestrian and motorist campaign “I need to see more of you”.
The campaign focuses on the need for pedestrians to be more visible and drivers to be more alert, especially with shorter daylight hours, increasing inclement weather and reduced driver visibility.
As part of these efforts, York Region has launched a 20-second video and contest to help raise awareness of the importance of pedestrians wearing reflective items or clothing to make themselves more visible to motorists. The time change also means motorists should be extra alert, practice non-distracted driving and be more aware of pedestrians and cyclists.
The video and contest details are available on York Region’s website and YouTube channel at
“I need to see more of you" is part of an ongoing wider campaign, “Motorists and Pedestrians … Let’s work on our Relationship”, that emphasizes shared responsibility between motorists and pedestrians to ensure the safety of all road users.
In September, York Region and York Regional Police held a media event in the Town of Aurora near
St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic High School encouraging students to be alert and aware when crossing at intersections and to always obey traffic signals when crossing the road. 
York Region has a number of initiatives to help increase road safety for pedestrians, including:
• A revised speed limit policy
• Additional Community Safety Zones
• High-visibility zebra crosswalk markings at intersections
• Pedestrian countdown signals
• Increased pedestrian crossing time at traffic signals
• Audible signals for pedestrians with low vision
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