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May 17, 2012

Vision 2051 inspires strong, caring and safe communities
York Regional Council endorses Vision 2051 as York Region’s new 40-year vision for the future

NEWMARKET - York Regional Council today endorsed Vision 2051, a final document that expresses what people want The Regional Municipality of York to be like in 40 years. Vision 2051 updates Vision 2026 as the Region’s primary long range plan and continues the legacy established in Vision 2026 with a continued goal of creating strong, caring and safe communities.
The 40-year vision for the Region’s future contains a number of bold and innovative actions that advances the Region’s efforts in sustainability, promotes the health and well-being of residents and the liveability of communities.
“Vision 2051 positions York Region well to embark in new partnerships and collaborative efforts to address the biggest trends and issues facing the Region in the years to come,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch. “How we approach issues such as community design, climate change, transportation, waste management, demographic changes, economic vitality, housing demands and the human service needs of our population is critical to sustaining our quality of life over the long term.”
Vision 2051 was developed through extensive internal and external consultation, including input from Regional Council, residents, Regional stakeholders, partners and staff through a number of discussion sessions and an internet-based consultation program. Examples of the bold initiatives people want to see happen include:
• Promoting carbon neutral housing, zero carbon buildings
• Encouraging the development of low-carbon local energy systems
• Moving toward a zero waste society
• No new water by 2051 by leveraging innovative technology for waste water re-use
• Encouraging initiatives that move toward zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2051
• Preventing homelessness
• Encouraging appropriate housing for all ages and stages
• Planning for a balance of employment and residential opportunities (1:1) in Centres and Corridors
• Providing universal transit access
“Vision 2051 motivates us to find new ways to be innovative and collaborative,” said Town of Newmarket Regional Councillor John Taylor, Chair of the Region’s Planning and Economic Development Committee. “Government cannot achieve all of the goals and actions of Vision 2051 alone, but we can engage partners and stakeholders to share our collective vision for the future and turn it into actions that help to make our communities stronger.”
Vision 2051, the Sustainability Strategy and the Regional Official Plan represent the Region’s primary long range plans that inform all Council decisions. They will be implemented on a more detailed and specific basis through the Region’s Strategic Plan, departmental plans and budgets, and individual performance plans.
Vision 2051 has eight goal areas and 166 corresponding actions that lead York Region in a direction that the community envisions for 2051. These goal areas are:
• A place where everyone can thrive
• Liveable cities and complete communities
• A resilient natural environment and agricultural system
• Appropriate housing for all ages and stages
• An innovation economy
• Interconnected systems for mobility
• Living sustainably
• Open and responsive governance
Prior strategic, long range plans include Vision 2021 (1993) and Vision 2026 (2002). The new Vision 2051 takes into account emerging trends and issues and incorporates a number of significant Regional policies and initiatives over the past 10 years.
Vision 2051 is posted on and is available through Facebook and Twitter. Vision 2051 will be distributed widely to local municipalities, community partners and stakeholders. In addition, print copies will be available to anyone who requests them.
For more information or to request a copy of Vision 2051, visit or call 905-830-4444, Ext. 1530.
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