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June 28, 2012

Energy Management Program produces cost-savings for The Regional Municipality of York

Environmental Services’ facilities account for 55 per cent of Region’s electricity use
NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York Energy Management Program has generated approximately $1.3 million in energy cost savings since 2006. The Region has also received more than $50,000 in grant funding in 2012, the majority for energy analysis at Regional water and wastewater facilities.

Energy management activities benefit residents and local municipalities by reducing costs, demand on infrastructure and mitigating environmental impacts. As electrical rates continue to rise, the program ensures energy consumption at Regional Environmental Services facilities is managed in an efficient and sustainable manner.

In 2011, the Region’s Environmental Services department spent $8.2 million on energy, representing 21 per cent of York Region’s total energy costs. Due to the nature of its operations, energy use by the department’s water and wastewater facilities accounts for approximately 55 per cent of the corporation’s electricity consumption.

“We have a responsibility to explore methods of energy conservation in all aspects of our business,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch. “The Energy Management Program identifies efficiencies in our buildings and in our day-to-day operations. It’s a matter of finding ways to work better and in a fiscally-efficient manner, when situations such as rising energy costs are beyond our control.”

One proven method of reducing electricity consumption within water and wastewater facilities is reducing pumping activities during peak hours.  York Region has reduced energy operating costs by deferring pumping activities to off- and mid-peak price bands that minimizes, whenever possible, the use of high-peak electricity.

Other initiatives to implement Regional energy/cost savings include:
• Constructing Environmental Services facilities to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
• Energy retrofits
• Process energy audits to provide recommendations towards improving facility efficiency
• Staff education and awareness initiatives
• Purchasing electricity from renewable sources
• Investigating the use of photovoltaic installations
• Grants and funding
• Process optimization studies
“The Energy Management Program continues to make substantial progress in identifying methods and opportunities to conserve energy,” said Town of Richmond Hill Regional Councillor Vito Spatafora, Chair of the Region’s Environmental Services Committee. “As new technology is developed, the program will continue to develop.”

York Region’s Environmental Services department and the Property Services Branches are working together on the delivery of the Energy Management Program to assist in reducing costs and demands on infrastructure, mitigating environmental impacts and promoting sustainable practices.

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