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January 26, 2012

Business Directory promotes regional economy

Business Directory available online
NEWMARKET - York Regional Council has released an update of the York Region Business Directory, a listing of approximately 28,000 businesses within The Regional Municipality of York.
The Directory supports business activities such as marketing and the sourcing of local trades and suppliers.  It also assists residents with locating specific products and services within York Region and when conducting job searches.
“The Business Directory is a valuable resource guide for business-to-business contact and a convenient research tool for the general public,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “When our residents use this resource they directly foster local economic growth.”
The directory enables the public to search using a combination of criteria, including company name, product or service, city or town, postal code, industry classification and number of employees. Each business record contains the following information: business name, address, municipality, postal code, phone number and number of employees. Each business is sorted according to the main industry sector, as defined by the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS).
“The directory provides an opportunity for local businesses to become better known,” said Town of Newmarket Regional Councillor John Taylor, Chair of the Region’s Planning and Economic Development Committee. “York Region businesses and consumers can search the directory to find local products and services.”
The 2011 York Region Business Directory is based on information collected from the 2011 York Region Employment Survey, a door-to-door survey conducted last year between May and August, which produces data that illustrates industry and employment trends in the Regional economy.
The survey collects general information such as company name, business activity and number of employees. Businesses are asked a question regarding their hiring intentions, which is used to monitor York Region labour force activity.
The 2011 employment trends appear positive. The following business and employment trends were observed for mid-year 2011:
• Estimated 515,800 jobs in York Region
• A net increase of 14,800 jobs from mid-year 2010 to mid-year 2011, compared to 8,000 jobs during the same period between 2009 and 2010
• Total number of businesses captured in this survey has remained relatively stable at approximately 28,000 (home-based and farm-based businesses were not included in the survey)
• Four largest industry sectors by size in York Region were business services, manufacturing, personal services and retail trade
• Approximately 75 per cent of York Region employment is full time

A number of other Regional products are derived from the employment survey, including the 2011 Employment & Industry report, the Vacant Employment Land Inventory, Economic Strategies, Employment Forecasts and initiatives such as Innovation in Manufacturing.
The 2012 survey is scheduled to commence in May. The next directory update will be based on information collected from the 2012 employment survey.
The York Region Business Directory is available in the following formats:
•  A searchable online directory hosted by YLM ??" Your Local Marketplace
• The entire dataset in downloadable Microsoft Excel and Access formats
• The entire dataset in the same formats as above is also available on CD-ROM
To access the directory online, go to  This link can also be found on the Region’s homepage.

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