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January 20, 2012

Media invited to official launch of Winter Safety Campaign

NEWMARKET- York Regional Police and The Regional Municipality of York are reminding all road users of the importance of leaving room between motorists, snow plows and pedestrians this winter with the launch of a Winter Safety Campaign “I need space”.
The Region’s Transportation and Community Planning Department has teamed up with York Regional Police on a winter safety message as part of the “Motorists and Pedestrians … Let’s work on our Relationship” campaign, focused on creating awareness around key safety issues affecting motorists and pedestrians in the fall, winter and spring.
WHEN:  Tuesday, January 24, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
WHAT:  Winter Safety Campaign “I need space”
   Snow plow roadeo - Media invited to ride along
   York Regional Police display of a vehicle unprepared for winter weather
WHERE:  Vaughan Cinemas parking lot
3555 Highway 7 West (Famous Avenue adjacent to Earls Kitchen and Bar)
City of Vaughan
ATTENDING:  City of Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua
York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe
York Region Transportation and Community Planning Commissioner Kathleen Llewellyn-Thomas
The launch will feature members of the York Regional Police Traffic Bureau and York Region Community and Planning Department distributing ice scrapers to motorists, encouraging them to see and be seen by removing snow and ice from all vehicle windows, lights, turn signals and thetop of their vehicle.
The snow plow obstacle course will demonstrate the importance of motorists leaving room between themselves and Regional plows, and York Regional Police will provide tips about what residents can do to ensure their car is safe and prepared for winter driving conditions.
Residents can follow York Regional Police:   OfficialYRP@YRP
The goal of the Pedestrian Safety Campaign is to foster respect between motorists and pedestrians in an effort to reduce the number of collisions, injuries and fatalities on York Region roads. York Regional Police and York Region work co-operatively on a number of initiatives to help prevent collisions between vehicles and pedestrians, including:
• A revised speed limit policy
• High-visibility zebra crosswalk markings at intersections
• Pedestrian countdown signals • Increased pedestrian crossing time at traffic signals
• Audible signals for pedestrians with low vision
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Media Contacts: Staff Sergeant Brad Bulmer, York Regional Police Traffic Bureau
  1-866-876-5423, ext. 7702 •
Ken Turriff, Corporate Communications, York Region
   1-877-464-9675, ext. 1226 • Cell: 905-251-6415 •

Fact Sheet

Winter Safety Campaign
Tips for pedestrians and motorists
NEWMARKET - Following these simple safety tips can help avoid potential collisions between motorists, pedestrians and snow plows:
Safety tips for pedestrians:

• Leave room between yourself and the curb. Always walk on the inside of the sidewalk or stay as far from the travelled portion of the road as possible
• Where there are no sidewalks, always walk facing traffic in order to see oncoming vehicles
• Refrain from wearing headphones or talking on a cell phone, which can reduce your awareness of the traffic around you
• Wear bright, reflective clothing in low-light conditions to ensure you are visible to drivers
• During the evening, attach a small flashing light to your clothing

• Stay alert for pedestrians and slow down on residential streets
• Always be aware of pedestrians around your vehicle, especially when turning
• Be patient, especially with older pedestrians, who need more time to cross the road
• Leave adequate space between you and other vehicles to increase the time and distance you have to stop or avoid a collision
• Slow down - it takes four times the distance to stop at 50 km/h than it does at 25 km/h
• Switch to winter tires to help improve your traction and stopping distance
• Make sure your tires are properly inflated; under-inflation or over-inflation can reduce the gripping action of tires
• Check your windshield wipers to ensure they work properly and that your windshield fluid is always full
• Remove snow and ice from all vehicle windows, lights, turn signals and top of vehicle
• Always be prepared for an emergency ??" keep an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times that includes windshield wiper fluid, an ice scraper, a flashlight, maps and a first aid kit
• Drive a safe distance behind snow plows as they might not see you if you are travelling too closely
• Do not pass a snow plow on the right and only pass snow plows when a safe passing area is available, that is clear of snow and treated with salt and sand
• Do not travel beside a snow plow as they can shift sideways after hitting snow packs or drifts

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