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December 20, 2012

York Region gears-up for winter weather on Regional roads

Region responsible for winter maintenance of more than 3,400 lane-kilometres of roads
The Regional Municipality of York is prepared for another winter ahead and ready to tackle snow and ice on Regional Roads.
 York Region is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 1,100 kilometres (or more than 3,400 lane-kilometres) of main roadways across all nine Regional municipalities. This includes snow removal, sanding, salting and use of salt-brine to help prevent build-up of ice on road surfaces.

Despite last winter’s unseasonably mild winter conditions, York Region responded to 75 winter weather events. York Region typically experiences varying winter weather patterns from flash freezing to heavy snow conditions. Weather conditions can often vary in one part of the Region to the next and conditions can change rapidly by the hour.
During severe winter storms, York Region plows and applies sand/salt to major arterial roads (those most heavily travelled) first and all other regional roads shortly thereafter. York Region uses a road weather information system to track rain, snow and ice and GPS tracking to maximize the effectiveness of the winter maintenance fleet before, during and after winter storms.
Motorists are reminded to give York Region’s snow plows plenty of room:
·        Drive a safe distance behind the plow; you may see them, but they may not see you if you are following too closely
·        Only pass snow removal vehicles when a safe passing area is available and the lane is clear of snow or treated with salt and sand and do not pass on the right
·        Before passing a snow plow, check the direction of snow discharge to avoid snow and debris thrown from the equipment; plows are wider than most vehicles and portions of the plow and blade may be obscured by blowing snow
·        Don’t travel beside a snow plow; they can shift sideways after hitting snow packs or drifts
Quick facts about York Region’s $14-million winter maintenance program:
81: Number of vehicles for winter maintenance
90 minutes: Average time for sand/salt spreading (one round of all Regional roads)
130 minutes: Average time for plowing and sanding/salting (one round of all Regional roads)
360 tonnes: Average amount of salt used (one round)
$57,700: Cost of one round of salting (includes equipment and labour)
$59,825: Cost of one round of plowing (includes sanding/salting, equipment and labour)
York Region has undertaken a salt management program to reduce the amount of salt used on Regional roads in favour of alternatives, such as salt-brine, which are equally effective, help reduce the effects on the environment and reduce costs.
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Media Contact: Ken Turriff, Corporate Communications, The Regional Municipality of York
905-830-4444 or 1-877-464-9675, ext. 1226  Cell: 905-251-6415
The Regional Municipality of York provides services to 1.1 million residents and 41,000 businesses that employ 516,000 people


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Media Contact: Michelle McEwan, Corporate Communications, York Region
  1-877-464-9675, ext. 1209 . Cell: 905-251-6412 .
Founded in 1971, The Regional Municipality of York is made up of nine municipalities
and provides services to more than one million residents, 29,000 businesses and 495,000 employees.

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