March 7, 2011
Media Release

The Regional Municipality of York delivers export development training workshops to local businesses

Series of seven seminars in the City of Vaughan will begin April 21
NEWMARKET – Members of the business community within the City of Vaughan will be first in The Regional Municipality of York to have access to Going Global, a series of seven export development training workshops designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs increase their understanding of doing business in foreign markets.
Delivered by York Region, the Going Global curriculum, presentations and instruction materials are a product of the Forum for International Trade Training.  As hosting partner, the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre provides a location and promotes the seminars to its members.
“This export development program assists York Region businesses that are seriously considering exporting their products and services,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “By helping to familiarize local companies with the information and resources they need to succeed in the global marketplace, we boost their efforts to expand their markets, which is a key goal of our economic strategy.”
Participants will learn to:
• identify market opportunities
• leverage resources to secure financing and insurance services
• negotiate partnerships with foreign shippers and distributors
“Our plan is to expand delivery of Going Global workshops across York Region,” said Town of Newmarket Regional Councillor John Taylor, Chair of the Region’s Planning and Economic Development Committee.  “Regional staff is setting up similar workshops with local businesses, industry organizations and other small business centres to make this business education and training widely available to York Region businesses.”
For the Vaughan series, there will be seven Going Global workshops, each delivered within a three-hour timeframe, as follows:
Thursday, April 21 - Introduction to international trade
Wednesday, May 18 - Introduction to international market research
Thursday, June 16 - Introduction to international marketing
Wednesday, September 14 - Introduction to international trade finance
Thursday, October 27 - Introduction to international trade logistics and distribution
Wednesday, November 9 - Introduction to the cultural aspects of international trade
In addition to the Going Global workshops, the Vaughan Business Enterprise Centre offers local businesses business development information, professional consultation services and networking opportunities.
The Forum for International Trade Training is a Canadian association that develops international business programs, sets competency standards, promotes best practices and provides professional accreditation.  It is a not-for-profit association funded by the Government of Canada and private sector partners. 
Gordon Scheel, the York Region international business development advisor who will deliver the program, is a Certified International Trade Professional, the professional designation of the Forum for International Trade Training.
This series of investment and marketing seminars is an initiative of the Economic Strategy Branch of York Region’s Planning and Development Services Department.
For additional information about the Going Global workshops, please contact Gordon Scheel at 905-505-0395, Program Manager Robert Unterman at 905-830-4444, Ext. 1491 or visit
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit
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