June 23, 2011
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Progress report tracks implementation of Vision 2026 and the Sustainability Strategy

2010 progress report demonstrates strong commitment to sustainability
NEWMARKET – York Regional Council today released Vision 2026: Sustainability Progress Report 2010, which describes the progress made by The Regional Municipality of York in implementing Vision 2026 and the Sustainability Strategy.
“York Region continued to take innovative actions in 2010 that help ensure our communities remain sustainable,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “Significant progress was made in transit and trip reductions, human services, green development and accessibility.”
Vision 2026 outlines what residents want to see happen over the next 25 years and the Sustainability Strategy provides a framework for making informed decisions that better integrate the economy, community and environment.
“The Sustainability Progress Report tracks our accomplishments in meeting the expectations of our residents,” said Town of Newmarket Regional Councillor John Taylor, Chair of the Region’s Planning and Economic Development Committee.  “A key highlight among many achievements of 2010 listed in this report is our new Regional Official Plan, which will guide our decisions as we manage growth and ensure our efforts remain truly sustainable.”
The progress report is based on six theme areas of the Sustainability Strategy and contains a new section, Moving Forward into 2011, spotlighting key initiatives for this year.  The report also integrates Vision 2026 perspectives on indicators, Council initiatives, plus successes and innovations.
For each theme, the 2010 report provides comprehensive lists of accomplishments, such as:
• the first accessible trail (one kilometre) officially opened in the Hollidge Tract Regional Forest
• construction of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) rapidways along Highway 7 and Davis Drive
• use of innovative membrane technology at the Keswick Water Pollution Control Plant to reduce phosphorous loading in Lake Simcoe
• installation of a solar wall air heater at the Mount Albert Water Pollution Control Plant
Vision 2026 is now being updated to Vision 2051, taking a 40-year outlook on York Region’s future.  Residents will be invited to participate in the development of Vision 2051 to ensure the Region continues building strong, caring and safe communities that achieve your vision of a sustainable York Region.
In addition, York Region will develop a Strategic Plan, which will identify priorities for the next four years and provide direction to the Region’s departmental plans, budgets and individual performance plans, where strategic ideas are put into action.  The Strategic Plan will be updated every four years to coincide with the term of Regional Council.
Vision 2026: Sustainability Progress Report 2010 will be distributed to the public, stakeholders and local municipalities and will be available online at www.york.ca  To obtain a copy, please contact Laura Atkins-Paul at 905-830-4444, ext. 1534.
See Backgrounder: York Region achievements in meeting Vision 2026 and the Sustainability Strategy.
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit www.york.ca
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