June 20, 2011
Media Release

The Regional Municipality of York continues work on water supply improvements for King City

Two-week extension to original project schedule
NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York continues work to upgrade the water supply to the community of King City.  The conversion program has been extended by two weeks in order to complete the following:
• Modification to watermain chambers along the Aurora-Newmarket Feedermain supplying King City
• Continuation of flushing and disinfection of the new watermain along King Road
The conversion to lake-based water will take place between Monday, June 27 and Monday, July 11.
It is anticipated that some lane closures on King Road between Keele Street and Dufferin Street will take place during this time period.  Every effort will be made by the contractor to keep traffic delays to a minimum. 
In addition to the water supply upgrade, the current method of disinfection will move to chloramination from chlorination.  A chloraminated supply uses both chlorine and small amounts of ammonia to disinfect the water.  This practice is recognized by both the Ministry of the Environment and Health Canada as a safe disinfectant to treat water for drinking and domestic use.  Fluoride is also included in the lake-based water supply.
The lake-based water to be supplied to King City is the same water supplied to seven other York Region municipalities and is processed through the same treatment facilities serving the City of Toronto and Peel Region.
In order to complete the water system conversion and necessary system maintenance, watermains in King City will require flushing.  Residents are advised in the event of tap-water discolouration, water use should be discontinued for approximately one hour, then allow an unsoftened, cold-water tap to run for approximately five minutes.  Residents are cautioned against drinking discoloured water or from laundering clothes.
Note: As with chlorinated water, kidney dialysis patients and owners of fish, reptiles and amphibians must take care with chloraminated water.  King City residents on dialysis machines are advised to contact their physicians for more information.  Fish, reptiles and amphibian owners are advised to contact their pet store.
For more information about the upgrades or change in water treatment, visit www.york.ca/services/water
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit www.york.ca
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