February 1, 2011
Media Release

Maintenance crews from The Regional Municipality of York prepared for winter storm

Plows, salt trucks and sanders ready for forecast blizzard
NEWMARKET - The Regional Municipality of York is fully prepared to keep Regional roads clear of ice and snow for the forecast winter storm.  All 68 snow plows, salt trucks and sanders, 26 owned by the Region and an additional 42 provided through private contract, are ready to be mobilized.  Both staff and contractors have been placed on-call in anticipation of three days of stormy weather. 
In anticipation of heavy snow later in the day, trucks will be putting a layer of salt down on the Region’s 3,400 lane-kilometres of roads to help prevent ice and snow from accumulating.  Following this initial layer of salt, plows will be working continuously throughout the duration of the snowfall, adding sand to the road to improve vehicle traction.
Plans are in place to add an additional layer of salt before the morning rush hour tomorrow, if snow conditions permit.
York Region reminds drivers to be patient as slower moving winter maintenance vehicles are in operation.  Please leave space around snow plows to allow the operators to help keep our roads clear.
To assist residents with winter driving in our community, the York Region website contains some helpful tips at www.york.ca/wintersafedriving
Additional information about York Region’s winter maintenance program is listed in the accompanying Backgrounder.
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit www.york.ca
York Region winter maintenance
NEWMARKET - The Region's Transportation Services department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 1,100 kilometres (or more than 3,400 lane-kilometres) of arterial roadways, including snow removal, sanding, salting and the use of salt-brine to prevent ice build-up on roads. 
Some quick facts about York Region’s $14-million winter maintenance program:
• Number of vehicles for winter maintenance (owned and contracted)                        68

• Average time for sand/salt spreading (one round of all Regional roads)                   90 minutes

• Average time for plowing and sanding/salting (one round of all Regional roads)       130 minutes

• Cost of sand per tonne                                                                                       $15

• Cost of salt per tonne                                                                                         $80

• Average amount of salt used (one round)                                                              355 tonnes

• Cost of salt (one round)                                                                                      $28,250

• Cost of salt-brine (one round)                                                                             $12,500

• Cost of one round of salting (includes equipment and labour)                                 $54,000

• Cost of one round of plowing (includes sanding/salting, equipment and labour)          $56,000
York Region uses a road weather information system to track rain, snow and ice across our communities and GPS tracking to maximize the effectiveness of the winter maintenance fleet before, during and after winter storms.
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit www.york.ca
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