April 26, 2011
Media Release

The Regional Municipality of York approves revised speed limit policy

New speed limit guidelines to focus on improved safety
NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York has adopted a new speed limit policy to better reflect the changing nature of our communities and Regional road network.  The new policy will have speed limits lowered in urban areas in an effort to better improve safety and provide consistency for drivers.
“The new speed limit policy proposes appropriate speed guidelines to better reflect the differences between our rural and urban areas,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “With population densities increasing along many of our roads, it is necessary to have consistent speed limits that better balance the needs of both motorists and pedestrians.”
The policy adopts guidelines used by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC), a nationally-recognized association that promotes safe, effective and sustainable transportation services.  The Regional policy focuses on minimizing injuries common in collisions, by recommending the following speed limits:
• 60 km/h – Urban areas, towns, villages and hamlets
• 70 km/h – Roads on urban/rural borders
• 80 km/h – Rural areas
The new policy also incorporates suggestions received by local municipal councils, which call for further consultation on any proposed speed limit changes.  With this recommendation, the new policy will follow a four-step process before any changes are implemented:
1. Identification of a section of road for potential speed limit change
2. A review of the road section by York Region staff
3. Consultation with the local municipal staff and York Regional Police
4. Approval by York Region Transportation Services Committee and York Regional Council
“The new speed limit policy uses a common-sense approach to establishing or changing speed limits by balancing the mobility needs of our motorists with the need for improved safety,” said Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville Mayor Wayne Emmerson, Chair of the Region’s Transportation Services Committee.  “This new policy incorporates input from the local and Regional level and York Regional Police to help ensure that neighourhood characteristics, resident interests and safety are all considered before any changes are made.”
The new speed limit policy will be implemented immediately, however, only speed limit changes that are urgently required will be reviewed immediately.  All other speed limits under consideration for change follow the four-step process and will be brought forward for Committee and Council consideration twice per year.
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