November 15, 2010

Hosting a social event? Be safe and understand your responsibility


National Drug Awareness Week November 15 to 21


NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York, along with many organizations across Canada, will celebrate Drug Awareness Week from November 15 to 21.  This year, York Region highlights the importance of responsible social hosting.


As a social host, if guests are drinking in your home, on your property, or at any social function you organize, you can be held partially liable for your guest’s actions, whether you provide alcohol or you allow guests to bring their own. 


To ensure you are being a responsible social host, it is important to follow these tips:


·         Drink moderately or not at all

·         Serve food and snacks throughout the event

·         Have non-alcoholic drinks and water available

·         Stop serving alcohol a few hours before the end of the event

·         Learn to recognize the signs of intoxication

·         Stop an impaired guest from driving home

·         Have taxi numbers available: Calling 1-888-TAXIGUY will connect you with local taxicab companies in over 700 cities and towns across Canada


When considering drink options for drivers, pregnant women or any guest who prefers an alcohol-free drink, mocktails are a great choice. They are similar to cocktails with various colours and flavours, but do not contain any alcohol.  Serving mocktails can be a fun and healthy alternative to serving alcoholic beverages at holiday events.


For more information and tips on how to lower your risks as a host, visit the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health website at:


For more information on substance misuse prevention, or any other public health-related program, please contact York Region Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653 or TTY 1-866-252-9933.


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