June 9, 2010
Media Release

The Regional Municipality of York Rain Barrel sales event overwhelmingly popular success 

York Region sells four thousand barrels in five hours
NEWMARKET – Households across The Regional Municipality of York are thankful for the good dose of rain, filling the 4,000 rain barrels sold at York Region’s 3rd annual rain barrel event.  
To promote the use of rain water for lawns and gardens, York Region offered residents the opportunity to purchase rain barrels at the subsidized price of $25 each.  When placed under a downspout, the rain barrel captures a source of water that is perfect for garden use, eliminating the need to use municipally-treated water.
“Water conservation is essential throughout the year, and more so in the summer months when outdoor water use can seriously affect a municipality’s ability to deliver emergency services,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “By offering these rain barrels for sale at a highly subsidized rate, we’re encouraging homeowners to use alternative sources of water for their outdoor water needs.”
The event was held in three locations in York Region – Town of East Gwillimbury, Town of Newmarket and the Town of Richmond Hill.  Each location witnessed record-breaking crowds coming out to the event, which began at 7:30 a.m. and the entire supply of barrels sold in record time.
“York Region’s water conservation program, Water for Tomorrow, was created in 1998 to promote water conservation through education,” said City of Vaughan Regional Councillor Mario Ferri, Chair of the Region’s Environmental Services Committee.  “From free, at-home landscape visits to rain barrel sales, rebates on water-efficient toilets and garden seminars, Water for Tomorrow is active in our communities promoting the smart use of water.” 
York Region residents are encouraged to visit www.waterfortomorrow.ca for information on water-saving tips at home, school, work and in the community.
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit www.york.ca
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