January 18, 2010
Media Release

RideNow with YRT,Viva real-time bus updates

York Region launches real-time bus technology to simplify your ride
NEWMARKET - The Regional Municipality of York today launched RideNow …quot; real-time York Region Transit (YRT)/Viva bus updates available by email, web or phone.  This new technology provides fast and easy access to real-time information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, taking the wait out of your commute.
“YRT/Viva is the first transit agency in the GTA to offer the convenience of real-time schedule technology,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “York Region’s investment in this state-of-the-art technology further establishes YRT/Viva as a customer-focused, innovative leader in public transit.”
YRT/Viva real-time technology tracks your bus by GPS, so you’ll know exactly when it will arrive at your stop.  Because regular schedules can vary due to changing traffic and weather conditions, real-time schedules take the guesswork out of your trip.
RideNow real-time schedules are available online at www.yrt.ca by entering or selecting your four-digit bus stop number through the Schedule Finder or Next Bus pages.  For an email update, email your four-digit bus stop number in the subject line to ridenow@york.ca and the next arrival times will be sent your way.  For information by phone, call 1-866-MOVE-YRT (668-3978) and enter your four-digit bus stop number to hear real-time information for the next few buses at your stop.
“RideNow real-time schedules put more control in the hands of the YRT/Viva rider,” said Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville Mayor Wayne Emmerson, Chair of the Region’s Transportation Services Committee.  “Knowing exactly when to expect your ride is key to a smooth and successful commute.”
RideNow is tracking the progress of your bus right now using up to six GPS satellites orbiting the earth.  During morning and evening rush hours, as many as 350 YRT/Viva buses are tracked live with RideNow technology.
Over the next 12 weeks, RideNow advertisements will be featured in community papers, bus ads and shelters, theatre slides and internet promotions to help promote the new service.
More than 120 routes keep residents connected within York Region, as well as with connecting services in the City of Toronto and the Region of Peel.  Over 18 million riders used YRT/Viva services in 2008, with approximately 90,000 trips made each weekday. 
For more information about YRT/Viva services, please visit the YRT/Viva website at www.yrt.ca, or call the Customer Service Centre at 1-866-MOVE-YRT (668-3978). 
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit www.york.ca
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Media Contact:   Kim MacGillivray, Communications Specialist, York Region
                        Phone:  905 830-4444, ext. 1209 or Cell: 905 251-6412
                        Email:  Kim.MacGillivray@york.ca

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