February 12, 2010
Media Release

Chlamydia: Simple Test. Easy Treatment. Protect yourself.

York Region acknowledges Sexual and Reproductive Health Day February 12th
NEWMARKET – Today, February 12th, The Regional Municipality of York public health branch acknowledges Sexual and Reproductive Health Day along with other sexual health organizations across Canada.  The annual event promotes awareness of sexual health issues. 
This year’s theme draws attention to the prevention, early identification, testing and treatment of chlamydia, Canada’s most common sexually transmitted infection. 
Chlamydia affects both men and women and national incidence levels have increased steadily since 1997.  In 2009, 1,429 cases of chlamydia were reported to York Region Community and Health Services.
Since the majority of people infected with chlamydia have no symptoms, they may be unaware of their condition – up to 70 per cent of women and up to 20 per cent of men.  The most common symptoms in both men and women are unusual/abnormal discharge and a burning sensation when urinating. 
Early detection of the infection and treatment are important.  Testing can be done though a simple urine or swab test and the infection is often easily treated with a one-time dose of antibiotics.  Anyone being treated for chlamydia should let their sexual partners know so they too can be treated and not spread the infection.  One of the most effective ways of preventing chlamydia is by practising safer sex, including the correct and consistent use of condoms.
If left untreated, chlamydia can have serious consequences, including infertility.  For more information on Chlamydia and symptoms, a fact sheet with complete details is available at www.york.ca/sexualhealth
York Region’s Sexual Health Clinics offer a wide range of confidential and non-judgemental services to promote sexual health.  Services include sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment, anonymous HIV and Point of Care testing, birth control counselling, low cost birth control options and the emergency contraceptive pill, education and counselling on various sexual health issues and referral to other appropriate community resources.  Services are available at no cost to York Region residents of all ages, background, lifestyle and sexual orientation.  A health card is not required.
There are five sexual health clinics located across the Region.  Clinic hours and locations vary and appointments are required.  For more information on sexual health clinics or to make an appointment, please call York Region Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653 or TTY 1-866-252-9933.
For more information on Sexual and Reproductive Health Day, visit www.csfh.ca
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit www.york.ca
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