December 9, 2010
Media Release

Bill Fisch acclaimed to fifth term as York Region Chairman and CEO

NEWMARKET - Bill Fisch has been acclaimed to his fifth term as York Region Chairman and CEO tonight at the Inaugural York Regional Council meeting for the December 2010 to December 2014 term of office.
Chairman Fisch’s nomination was brought forward by Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville Mayor Wayne Emmerson and was seconded by Town of Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti.  The motion was unanimously approved by all nine Mayors and 11 Regional Councillors representing the nine area municipalities of York Region.
“I am sincerely humbled, yet incredibly honoured by the trust and confidence members of Regional Council have demonstrated in my ability to serve as your Chairman.  As I sit before you today, I pledge that my commitment and dedication to this position will not waiver over the next four years,” said Chairman Fisch during his Inaugural Address.
To an audience of more than 350 people in the York Regional Council Chambers, Chairman Fisch described York Region as a confederation of nine vibrant communities, each possessing a series of unique attributes that together form a strong, safe and healthy community that we can all be proud of.
“Today, York Region stands at the threshold of significant evolution and change.  Our population is growing and our role is to ensure the growth is appropriate, well-timed and our services can meet increased demand.  Change is inevitable, but it is the extent to which we are prepared to effectively manage change that will determine our success as a Region.”
“A great deal of groundwork has been undertaken to bring us to where we stand today,” added Chairman Fisch.  “As many residents would attest, we already enjoy a quality of life that is enviable to many.  But, we will not rest on our laurels, as our job is to ensure this quality of life continues and, where possible, improves.  I have no doubt the critical initiatives that we will collaborate on over the next four years will reinforce York Region’s reputation as a great place to live, work and visit.”
In closing, Chairman Fisch emphasized the importance of collaboration.  “We will be challenged with difficult issues and we will not always agree, but we will always act in the best interest of our residents knowing that the information on which our decisions are based undergo the highest level of scrutiny imaginable through studies, research and debate.  Our strength lies in our partnerships, in collaboration and our collective wisdom.”
The 20 newly elected members of Regional Council attended the Inaugural meeting and were sworn into office.
The first regular business meeting of York Regional Council members for the 2010 to 2014 term will take place on Thursday, December 16 at 9:30 a.m. in Council Chambers of the York Region Administrative Centre.
For a complete list of York Regional Council members for the 2010 to 2014 term, please see the attached Media Backgrounder.
A complete version of York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch’s Inaugural Address
and  York Region’s Chief Administrative Officer’s speaking notes are also available.
For more information on York Regional Council, please visit and click on “Regional Government.”
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