August 16, 2010
Media Release

The Regional Municipality of York requests water conservation assistance from City of Vaughan residents

Specific neighbourhoods asked to stop all non-essential water use
NEWMARKET - The Regional Municipality of York is requesting assistance from residents in the City of Vaughan to conserve water after a severe storm last night caused a power failure at the Region’s Maple Pumping Station.  
Power has been restored to the pumping station, however, water storage is at critically low levels.  Neighbourhoods serviced by the pumping station, bordering Dufferin Street to Keele Street and Kirby Road to Hunterwood Chase, are being asked to stop all non-essential water use to allow water reservoirs to fill to safe operating levels. 

Residents are advised to reduce water use by:
• Turning off automatic sprinkler systems
• Taking short showers
• Ensuring all taps are completely turned off
• Running dishwashers only when full
• Turning off tap while brushing teeth
• Not watering lawns or gardens with a sprinkler or garden hose ??" using a watering can or rain barrel only
• Covering pools at night to avoid evaporation
• Using a commercial carwash
Neighbourhood boundaries serviced by the pumping station
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Media Contact: Barbara Moss, Corporate Communications, York Region
Phone: 905 830-4444 Ext. 1237 / Cell: 905 505-5775

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