August 13, 2010
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The Regional Municipality of York reminds residents to water lawns and gardens sparingly throughout August

Outdoor water use bylaws in effect through September in all York Region municipalities
NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York is continuing to experience a hot, humid summer with no relief in sight for the remainder of August.
York Region residents are reminded to conserve water and abide by their local municipal outdoor water-use bylaw to help reduce demands on water reserves throughout York Region.
During the summer months, water consumption can more than double as interest in lawns and gardens peaks.  This is not only a drain on water reserves, but also increases the energy required to treat and pump water from the source to homes.
Now through September, annual outdoor water use bylaws are in effect in all of York Region’s municipalities.   While there is some variance among the municipalities as to time of day allowed for watering, all allow even-numbered houses to water on even-numbered days and odd-numbered houses to water on odd-numbered days. 
Newly planted trees and shrubs may be watered for 24 hours after planting.  Watering cans may be used at anytime as is the use of water captured in a rain barrel.
Following the local bylaw and only watering when needed will help prevent watering restrictions should excessive outdoor water use deplete water supplies to the point where emergency services are affected.
Keep your lawn and garden green with the following tips:
• Use a rain gauge to measure rainfall and watering
• Brown lawns can spring back to life with a  minimum amount of water 
• Remember that the one-inch once-a-week rule (including rainfall) applies to lawns that are already well established; new grass seed and sod will require one inch of water two to three times per week for the first three weeks
• Grow drought-tolerant plants
• Water wisely - water lawns and gardens when evaporation is least likely to occur, such as before 9 a.m. and after 10 p.m.
• Use the right kind of sprinkler; sprinklers shooting low to the ground are superior to oscillating sprinklers that lose much of their water to evaporation and wind drift before it ever hits the lawn
• Turn off automatic sprinkler systems and follow the one inch per week rule
For water-saving tips both in and around the home, plus information on local watering bylaws, please visit the Water for Tomorrow website at
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit
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