February 19, 2009
Media Release

The Regional Municipality of York expands child dental program

$1.38 million provincial funding helps more low income families access the
Children in Need of Treatment (CINOT) program
NEWMARKET – York Regional Council today approved the expansion of the Children in Need of Treatment (CINOT) program for 2009.  The program expansion is a result of a $1.38-million funding allocation from the Ministry of Health Promotion.
For more than 20 years, the CINOT program has been providing financial assistance to eligible children (up to age 14) who require preventative, urgent and essential dental treatment.  Expansion of the program will increase access to dental services for eligible youth between the ages of 14 to17 years old.
“Provincial funding to expand the 2009 CINOT program is a positive move toward addressing the needs of low-income families living in York Region,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “However, the current funding arrangement does not allow for adequate staffing resources, nor does it address the increase in the financial burden to York Region for program implementation following this year.”
Beginning in 2010, the expanded CINOT program costs will move to the current 75/25 per cent cost-sharing formula between the province and York Region.  Using 2008 data, this would cost the Region an extra $350,000 per year.
“More resources are needed to provide the same level of service and delivery to an increased volume of clients in the expanded CINOT program,” said Town of Markham Deputy Mayor Jack Heath, Chair of the Region’s Health and Emergency Medical Services Committee.  “To manage the program expansion with existing staff, we needed to modify the dental program.”
Unlike the existing CINOT program, older youth in the expanded program will not receive in-school screening and preventative or routine follow-up services from public health staff.  Youth will need to access these services through community dentists.  Public Health dental clinic locations have also been re-aligned in response to geographic demands and to increase screening availability.
“The expanded CINOT program has the opportunity to provide urgent and essential dental care to an estimated additional 2,200 York Region youth living in low income families,” added Chairman Fisch.  “We look forward to working with the Ministry to ensure our residents needs continue to be met.”
In 2008, more than 2,000 children under the age of 14 living in York Region benefited from the CINOT program.
Investing in oral health of lower income families is part of the province’s Poverty Reduction Strategy.  The $1.38 million is York Region’s allocation of the $28.3 million commitment from the Ministry of Health Promotion to support the CINOT program across the province over the next three years.
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