November 20, 2009
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York Regional Council endorses final Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update

Water and wastewater capital and supporting programs to cost $6.6 billion
NEWMARKET - York Regional Council has endorsed the Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update, the Region’s water and wastewater servicing plan to the year 2031.  The plan also provides an outlook for sustainable servicing to the year 2051.
“The Master Plan is not just about putting pipes in the ground,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “It is a sustainable blueprint to ensure that our water supply and wastewater servicing are in place and effective over the long-term.”
The Master Plan update makes more than 50 policy and program recommendations supporting sustainable water and wastewater servicing.  The total gross cost for water and wastewater capital projects and supporting programs is approximately $6.6 billion to the year 2051.
“We conducted an extensive consultation program and received positive support for this plan,” said Town of East Gwillimbury Mayor James Young, Chair of the Region’s Planning and Economic Development Committee.  “These water and wastewater servicing solutions will build on the Region’s existing infrastructure to support future growth while protecting the natural environment.”
The total estimated cost of recommended new water capital projects and programs is $2.4 billion. Similarly, the cost of wastewater capital projects and programs is estimated at $4.2 billion.  These estimates do not include the annual operation and maintenance costs.
The bulk of the capital cost will be spent prior to 2031 with about 28 per cent estimated for the post 2031 period.  The cost estimates will be provided as input to the 25-Year Fiscal Impact Study and the next Development Charges Bylaw update.
The Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update was carried out in coordination with Planning for Tomorrow, the Region’s Growth Management Initiative, as well as the Sustainability Strategy and the Transportation Master Plan Update.
Staff have integrated the recommended policies and programs of the Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update into the updated Regional Official Plan, which will go to Regional Council for final approval in December.
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