May 21, 2009

York Regional Council accepts preferred vendor for proposed energy-from-waste facility


Covanta will move forward in Durham-York Environmental Assessment process


NEWMARKET – York Regional Council today accepted Covanta Energy Corporation as the preferred vendor for the design, construction and operation of a proposed energy-from-waste facility as part of the Durham-York Residual Waste Environmental Assessment (EA) Study process.  The decision follows approval by Durham Regional Council in April.


As the preferred vendor, Covanta will execute an 'Early Works' agreement with Durham and York Regions to provide input required to complete the current EA process and develop architectural conceptual design options.  In parallel with the Early Works activities, the Regions will negotiate with Covanta to finalize the draft design, build and operation agreement for consideration by Regional Council following Ministry of Environment approval of the Environmental Assessment.


Covanta has been identified as the preferred vendor based on a formal evaluation of four submissions received for this project. Covanta, based out of Fairfield New Jersey, manages more than 30 energy-from-waste facilities in the United States. 


Covanta proposes to design, build and operate a 140,000-tonne-per-year EFW facility to manage residual waste for Durham and York Regions.  York Region would send approximately 20,000 tonnes of waste per year to the proposed facility.  The proposed technology is thermal mass burn, where residual waste is combusted at high temperatures.  High pressure steam produced through this process generates electricity and/or hot water energy.


York Region has partnered with Durham Region on the Durham-York Residual Waste Environmental Assessment Study to find a way to manage garbage remaining after reusing, recycling and composting efforts.  Final approval of all matters related to the proposed EFW facility are subject to future provincial approval.  It is anticipated that final EA documents will be submitted to the province this summer.


York Regional Council is dedicated to increasing waste diversion and has committed to diverting 65 per cent of waste from landfill by 2010. 


For more information on the Durham-York Residual Waste Environmental Assessment Study, please visit the Study’s website: or call the Study’s hotline toll-free at 1-866-398-4423.


For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit


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