March 10, 2009

Fuel your active lifestyle with better eating habits

Celebrate National Nutrition Month by being active and eating like a champion
NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York advises residents that March is National Nutrition Month.  This year’s theme “Stay active.  Eat like a champion.” focuses on healthy eating for Canadians with active lifestyles. 
Eating well and being active are associated with a wide range of health benefits.  In addition to preventing obesity and diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes, it can lead to better overall health and well-being, improved quality of life, mood, self-esteem, and stronger bones and muscles.  It is also an effective way to help manage stress.
York Region public health nutritionists offer the following top five tips for making better choices to improve fitness and overall health: 
1. Fuel your active lifestyle with real food versus muscle building or weight loss supplements.  Before exercise, fuel your body with a small meal that is mostly carbohydrates with some protein and a little fat.  A good example is a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread with a banana and a glass of water.
2. Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking water before, during and after your workout.  Water is your best bet for quenching your thirst; however, it is not the only beverage that provides hydration.  Beverages like milk, soy beverages, 100 per cent juice and even tea and coffee all count.  Juicy fruits such as watermelon, oranges and grapes are also a source of some fluid.
3. Realize that when and what you eat and drink can help you get the most from your workout.  Certain foods and fluids can help your body recover after a workout.  Try a glass of chocolate milk, a small bowl of whole grain cereal with milk, a whole grain pita with hummus or a tuna or salmon sandwich on whole grain bread. 
4. Follow the Guides.                                                                                                                         Following Canada’s Food Guide helps you meet energy and nutrient needs to fuel an active lifestyle.  Each food group offers a variety of important nutrients needed to fuel and build muscles, supply energy and provide essential vitamins and minerals.  Canada‘s Physical Activity Guide can help you make wise choices about physical activity and outlines how often, how much and what type of activity is best for you. 
5. Always seek trusted and evidence-based nutrition information.                                                     Registered dietitians can make tailored eating plans that best suit your active lifestyle.  To find a registered dietitian in your local area, including those who specialize in sports nutrition, please visit
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