June 25, 2009
Media Release

The Regional Municipality of York releases 2008 Annual Report

Document includes review of last year’s financial reports and achievements
NEWMARKET – York Regional Council today received the Regional Municipality of York’s 2008 Annual Report.
The 2008 Annual Report is a 73-page document highlighting information on York Regional Council and the goals and accomplishments of Regional Committees and staff.  A report from the Regional Treasurer is included, in addition to financial statements, a statistical review and reports from auditors.
The report also includes an additional document detailing the Housing York Inc. Annual Report.
“The 2008 Annual Report accentuates York Region’s outstanding accomplishments throughout the past year,” said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  “The exceptional achievements outlined in the report are tribute to the work of Regional Council and staff, area municipalities and our many partners who continually strive for excellence throughout the Region.”
“The Annual Report reflects York Region’s commitment to developing quality financial policies and business practices,” said Town of Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen, Chair of the Region’s Finance and Administration Committee.  “Our stable economic outlook, revenue growth and reserve levels continue to indicate York Region’s ability to uphold sustainable goals and objectives.”
The 2008 Annual Report also offers a description of each of the nine area municipalities and a list of the essential services provided by the Regional Municipality of York.
“Maintaining a high calibre of community programs and services is a major priority in York Region,” added York Region Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Macgregor.  “The goals outlined in the Annual Report take into consideration the best interests of York Region’s residents and apply them in conjunction with long-term initiatives.”
A comprehensive web version of the 2008 Annual Report is available on the York Region website www.york.ca under “Important Links”.  This high-resolution electronic edition provides a page-by-page version of the report.
Hardcopies of the report will be available for pick-up at the Information Kiosk of the York Region Administrative Centre in the Town of Newmarket and other York Region facilities early next month. 
For more information on The Regional Municipality of York, please visit www.york.ca
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