December 18, 2009
Media Release

Smart and creative ways to reduce holiday waste

York Region wants you to think green this holiday season
NEWMARKET –The Regional Municipality of York reminds residents to reduce, reuse, recycle and compost this holiday season with these easy and creative tips:
Greeting Cards
• Reduce: Try going paperless this year - send an e-card instead.
• Reuse old cards and paper to make your own holiday cards.
• Recycle greeting cards and envelopes.  Keep this year’s greeting cards for kids’ crafts or reuse them next year to make gift tags. 
Gift Wrapping
• Reduce: Be creative - instead of wrapping paper, wrap gifts in comics, magazines or new tea towels. 
• Reuse gift bags.
• Recycle: Carefully unwrap gifts to reuse wrapping paper for other occasions.  If the paper can’t be saved, non-metallic wrapping paper and tissue paper can be flattened and recycled in the Blue Box.
Holiday Parties
• Reduce: Use real dishes and glassware instead of disposable plates and cups.  If you do use paper plates, these can go in the Green Bin.
• Recycle: Empty beer, wine and liquor bottles can be returned for deposit and recycled at The Beer Store.
• Pop cans, glass bottles and jars and plastic food containers can all be recycled in the Blue Box.
• Leftovers, paper plates and paper napkins can be composted using your Green Bin.
• Aluminum trays and foil used to wrap leftovers can be recycled in your Blue Box (just remember to scrunch it into a ball with a minimum 3” diameter).
• Be sure to put your leftover food in the Green Bin for composting.
• Reduce: Use a reusable bag when shopping for gifts and groceries.
• Use rechargeable batteries in your new gadgets and toys.
• Try to avoid gifts with excessive packaging.
• Think of gifts with little or no packaging such as entertainment tickets, gift cards, lessons, donations to charities or a night out.
• Recycle: Old unwanted electronics can be recycled at York Region’s drop-off depots. Visit for locations and hours.
• Cardboard packaging and boxes can be recycled in your Blue Box.
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