October 16, 2007
Media Fact Sheet

Reminder of accepted Green Bin and Blue Box materials

Visit www.york.ca/solidwaste for additional Green Bin and Blue Box information and tips

Green Bin

Blue Box

   Animal waste, litter, bedding and fur

   Baking ingredients

   Bird seed

   Boxboard (soiled)


   Candy and confectionary products

   Candy wrapper, paper

   Cardboard (soiled)

   Dairy Products



   Coffee grinds, filters and tea bags

   Consumable food

   Eggs and egg shells

   Facial Tissue


   Fish and shellfish

   Flour and sugar bags

   Flowers (dried and fresh cut)

   Food products (consumable)




   Incontinence products

   Kraft paper (meat wrap)

   Meat products (bones, fat, skin)

   Microwave popcorn bag

   Moulded pulp, e.g. egg carton, carry-out tray (soiled)

   Muffin wrappers

   Nail clippings

   Newspaper (soiled)

   Paper cups and paper plates (soiled)

   Paper towels


   Pet food

   Polycoat containers, e.g. ice cream container (soiled)

   Sanitary products




   Aerosol cans (empty)

   Aluminium foil, plates, trays

   Antifreeze bottles

   Baby wipe containers

   Bakery trays & clamshells (plastic)

   Books (paperback & hardcover with cover removed)

   Bottles (glass and plastic)

   Boxboard/Bristol board

   Brown paper bags


   Cans (food and drink)

   Cardboard boxes (flattened)

   Cards (paper only)

   Cereal boxes

   Coffee cups (without lids)

   Cookie tins

   Detergent bottles

   Drink boxes (no straws)

   Egg cartons/flats (moulded pulp/plastic)

   Envelopes/File folders

   Flyers/Junk mail

   Frozen food boxes

   Frozen juice containers

   Gable top containers, e.g. milk cartons

   Gift wrap (paper)

   Glossy flyers/Greeting cards

   Household cleaning product containers

   Household paper

   Ice cream tubs

   Index cards

   Javex bottles (empty)

   Jugs and jars (plastic and glass)

   Juice cartons

   Kraft paper


   Manila envelopes

   Margarine tubs (and lids)

   Metal cans & containers

   Microwaveable plastic food trays

      (#1 & #5)

   Milk cartons



   Office paper and pads

   Packaging (paper)

   Paint cans (empty, lids off)

   Paper bags

   Paper cups (without lid)

   Paper milk or juice cartons

   Paper towel rolls


   Pizza boxes

   Plastic bottles (#1 to #7)

   Plastic detergent bottles

   Plastic pails (up to 1 gallon)

   Plastic plant pots/ plant trays

   Plastic trays

   Plastic tubs & lids (#1 to #7)

   Polycoat containers

   Pop cans

   Post it notes/Posters


   Rigid plastic bottles / Rigid plastic tubs

   Sandwich boxes (disposable)

   Shampoo bottles

   Shoe boxes

   Take-out food containers  (empty and clean)

   Telephone books

   Tetra paks

   Tin cans

   Toilet paper rolls

   Trays (plastic  or aluminium)


   Water bottles

   Wide mouth containers

   Windshield washer bottles

   Wrapping paper (non-metallic)

   Writing paper

   Yogurt tubs


Media Contact:         Kim Sinclair, Communications Specialist, York Region
Phone:  905 830-4444, ext. 1209 or Cell: 905 251-6412
                              Email: kim.sinclair@york.ca

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