October 1, 2007

Lane restrictions to take place on Yonge Street north of Industrial Parkway South in Town of Aurora


York Region conducting storm sewer repairs and pavement restoration


NEWMARKET York Regional Council has allocated $1.1 million for emergency storm sewer and road repair work on Yonge Street north of Industrial Parkway South in the Town of Aurora.


The work will require lane restrictions along the affected portion of Yonge Street, starting Wednesday, October 3rd.  Three lanes will remain open to accommodate traffic.  Of the three open lanes, construction staff will have two lanes open for southbound traffic to accommodate the morning traffic rush.  To accommodate the evening rush, staff will change the lane configuration to open two northbound lanes.


In July of 2006, Regional Road Maintenance staff discovered a pavement depression on Yonge Street.  Further investigation of nearby storm sewers with closed circuit television revealed areas of severe cracking and collapsing of the storm pipe underneath, causing the road damage.


As a dewatering permit is required to repair the sewer which takes approximately three months and the full extent of the damage had not been fully assessed, steel plates were temporarily installed in October 2006 to reinforce the road and re-open it to traffic.


The assessment has been completed and work has already commenced for the replacement of the storm sewer.  Once the sewer is re-built the pavement will be repaired and all lanes re-opened.


Construction is expected to be completed by mid December.


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