March 29, 2007
Media Release

York Regional Council accepts list of potential facility sites

Public consultation in April is next important step in multi-year project

Backgrounder and 2 fact sheets at bottom of this media release

NEWMARKET York Regional Council today achieved another major milestone in the Durham/York Residual Waste Environmental Assessment Study by accepting a list of five potential sites four in Durham Region and one in York Region for an energy-from-waste facility to manage York and Durham Regions' residual waste. 
"York Region is committed to a sustainable, safe and cost-effective 'made in York and Durham Regions' solution to deal with the garbage that is left over after our diversion efforts," said York Region Chairman and CEO Bill Fisch.  "This approved short list of proposed sites brings us an important step closer to completing this multi-year project and having our own state-of-the-art energy-from-waste facility."
"York Region is dedicated to maximizing our recycling, composting and re-use efforts before sending waste to a new facility," said City of Vaughan Regional Councillor Mario Ferri, Chair of the Region's Solid Waste Committee.  "Last fall, Council committed to diverting 65 per cent of waste from landfill by 2010 and this facility and its capacity will be designed to reflect that commitment."
The four sites located in Durham Region are in the Town of Clarington and the single York Region site is located in the Town of East Gwillimbury on York Region-owned land near Davis Drive and Highway 404.
The five sites were recommended by the Study's consultants and approved for public consultation at Durham Regional Council yesterday before being brought forward at today's York Regional Council meeting.
"It is imperative that more information be brought forward regarding the five sites in Durham and York Region.  Our communities need to know how and why these locations have been determined," said Town of East Gwillimbury Mayor James Young.  "I am looking forward to the upcoming public consultation process. This will give an opportunity for residents to gain more insight and provide input into the further studies being conducted on each site and the environmental assessment process that has been laid out."
A public consultation event will be taking place on Tuesday, April 10th, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Roman Palace Banquet Hall, 1096 Ringwell Road in the Town of Newmarket to allow residents an opportunity to receive more information on the project and share their comments.  Residents are asked to pre-register by calling 1-866-398-4423.  Two similar events will be held in Durham Region on Thursday, April 12th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Clarington Beech Centre, 26 Beech Street, Bowmanville and on Saturday, April 14th from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Municipality of Clarington Municipal Office, 40 Temperance Street, Bowmanville.
Following public consultation, further studies on all five potential sites will occur throughout the spring and summer and a preferred site will be recommended to York and Durham Councils in September of this year.  To view the timeline for selecting the final site, please see attached Fact Sheet #1. Current project schedules estimate that the final facility will be operational in 2011.
Energy-from-waste plants, or thermal facilities, have been proven to operate safely around the world, including in Europe, Asia, the United States and in nearby Brampton.  To view pictures of thermal facilities around the world, please see attached Fact Sheet #2.
The entire cost for this project, including planning, engineering and construction of the facility, is approximately $250 million.  This amount will be shared by both York and Durham Regions.
York Region partnered with Durham Region in 2005 on the Durham/York Residual Waste Environmental Assessment Study to find a way to manage solid waste remaining after diversion efforts, such as re-using, recycling and composting. 
In June 2006, thermal treatment with energy recovery was recommended as the preferred technology for managing residual waste (the waste left over after diversion efforts). 
In Fall 2006, the Study team finalized the evaluation and screening criteria for potential sites for the facility and began searching in both Regions.  This process also included a public call for willing sellers where any party interested in proposing a privately-owned site for a potential new facility could submit their proposal.  To view the milestones achieved to-date and a complete project timeline, please see attached Media Backgrounder.
For more information on the Durham/York Residual Waste Environmental Assessment Study, please visit the Study's website: or call the Study's hotline toll-free at 1-866-398-4423.
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Media Contact: Tracy Smith, Communications Specialist, Corporate Communications, York Region
 Phone:  (905) 830-4444, Ext. 1209 or Cell: (905) 251-6412
Fact sheet 1
Fact sheet 2

March 29, 2007 When will the final site for the proposed facility be confirmed?
Milestones achieved to date:
 Study's Terms of Reference approved by the Minister of the Environment (March 2006)
 Alternative technologies were evaluated and thermal treatment was concluded to be the preferred method for this project (June 2006)
 22 consultation events have been held in York Region and 21 in Durham Region (as of March 2007)

 Short-list of potential facility sites approved at York Regional Council
 Public consultation on proposed sites
   Further evaluation of sites by Consultants for potential environmental, health and other

 Consultants recommend preferred final site for future facility and short-list of possible technology vendors to York and Durham Regional Councils
 Public consultations on final site
 Release Request for Proposals for final vendor selection
 Environmental Assessment documentation completed and submitted to the Ministry of the Environment

 Submission of Environmental Protection Act and Planning Approval documents
 Consultants recommend preferred final vendor to York and Durham Regional Councils
2009 2010
 Receipt of all Approvals
 Commence construction of thermal facility

2010 2011
 Commission thermal treatment facility
 Completion of facility and start of operation
For more information on the project and associated timelines, residents can visit the Study's website at or call the Study's hotline at 1-866-398-4423.
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Media Contact: Tracy Smith, Communications Specialist, Corporate Communications, York Region Phone:  (905) 830-4444, Ext. 1209 or Cell: (905) 251-6412


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