January 11, 2007

Make over-eating a thing of the past!


NEWMARKET There are a number of factors in our physical and social environments that can influence how much we eat. Studies show that sophisticated packaging and other visual cues such as plate size can manipulate us into over-eating. York Region public health nutritionists remind residents to be aware of some of these food temptations.  Whether dining out or eating at home, consider some of the following tips to avoid over-indulging:


Size of plates, bowls and cups contribute to how much we eat.  The larger the plate or bowl, the more you tend to eat; the shorter and wider the cup, the more you tend to drink.


Distractions during meal time. Research has found that if you are distracted while you are eating, especially if you are watching television, you will eat more. 

Large variety of food dishes available. Studies have repeatedly found that if there are more dishes of food to choose from, then you will eat more.  For example, at a buffet you are more likely to overload your plate with food from all the different dishes. This behaviour often leads to over-indulgence. 

Sophisticated food packaging and marketing. These are strategies used to influence how much you eat.  Packaging with mouth-watering graphics and a lot of description leads people to think that the food will taste better than a similar food with plain packaging. 

Recognize the visual temptations and modify how much food and beverage you consume.  Give your food the full attention that it deserves by keeping distractions to a minimum.  Finally, do not feel obligated to try all of the dishes that are presented to you.


For more information on healthy eating or other health-related questions, contact York Region Health Services Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653 or visit www.york.ca


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