September 20, 2006
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New survey finds that Canadians love to snack

NEWMARKET – With today’s hectic lifestyle, is it any surprise that snacking has become an integral part of the Canadian diet?  The recently published Canadian Community Health Survey – Nutrition (CCHS) found that on average about 23 per cent of daily calories come from snacks. York Region Public Health Nutritionists remind residents that with snacks making up almost one –quarter of our daily food intake, it is important to make healthier choices.
The CCHS found that when Canadians eat between meals, foods such as chips, candy, chocolate bars and soft drinks are frequently included and make up more than 40 per cent of snacking calories. These foods have limited nutritional value and are high in calories, sugar, sodium, saturated and trans fats. Public Health Nutritionists suggest choosing healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and packed with nutrients.   
Below are some additional tips for smart snacking:
• Plan your snacks with variety, moderation and balance in mind
• Include foods and beverages from one or two of the four food groups
• Choose fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, low fat milk products and grain products more often
• Watch the portion sizes of your snack foods and beverages.  Buy small “snack-size” packages
• To prevent overeating, don’t snack out of the box and avoid eating in front of the television or in the car 
• Don’t leave home without healthy snacks - stock up at work so you are prepared for mid-day cravings
Healthy snacking can help control your hunger and appetite between meals and can help manage your weight. Plan on eating healthy snacks that provide essential nutrients that keep you energized throughout the day. 
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