June 29, 2006
Media Release

Human service providers celebrate one year anniversary of Stakeholder Resolution of Support campaign

NEWMARKET – Exactly one year ago, the Human Services Planning Coalition (HSPC) launched its Stakeholder Resolution of Support campaign.  Today, the group of human service providers and stakeholders celebrated the signing of the Resolution of Support by more than 100 human service providers in York Region. 
“It’s time to bring social service funding models into the modern world,” said City of Vaughan Regional Councillor Joyce Frustaglio, Co-Chair of the HSPC.  “The funding allocations in use today for social services are not fair to the taxpayers of York Region who sent more than $87 million last year for social services and more than $650 million in pooling dollars over the last eight years to the City of Toronto.”
The Stakeholder Resolution of Support calls for: 
• New funding models for human services
• Funders to address human services needs in the context of growth management
• Repatriation of pooling dollars being sent to Toronto
Today, the HSPC also released a brochure listing all the agencies and organizations that have enlisted their support.
“We want all levels of government to recognize that social service providers in York Region, in too many instances, are under-funded, especially at a time when York Region continues to grow in both population and diversity,” added Councillor Frustaglio.
During the past decade, 300,000 people moved into York Region and 600,000 more will arrive over the next 25 years.  York Region will continue to experience very rapid growth for some time into the future.
“A fair and equitable social services system levels the playing field so that every family and every individual has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential,” said Rahul Bhardwaj, CEO, United Way of York Region.  “Every person should have access to the same level of social services, on balance, no matter where they live.  That is simply not the case in York Region.”
The resolution is a follow-up to the December 2003 report, Towards a New Model for Social Services Funding in York Region (2003).  The HSPC believes a solution exists in new funding models based on the principles of adequacy, affordability, equity, stability, flexibility and accountability. 
Social services that are properly funded:
• Attract a vibrant and healthy labour force whose members contribute to economic growth
• Minimize the need to make more expensive investments in crisis services in the future because prevention and early intervention assist families through troubled times
• Help new residents and their families to become fully integrated into their communities, ensuring a good quality of life
The HSPC was established in 2001 to find solutions to long-term, sustainable, integrated planning and funding of human services in York Region. 
The HSPC partners include representatives of government, service provider agencies and corporations, the non-profit sector, and consumers of human services.  It proactively responds to rapid growth and diversity in York Region by sharing resources, knowledge and best practices.
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