June 23, 2006
Media Release

Water tower volumes improving in Kleinburg and King City

Stage 2 Water Ban will remain in place until wells are restored
NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York is reporting increased water tower volumes in the communities of Kleinburg and King City since issuing a Stage 2 Outdoor Water Use Ban earlier this week due to mechanical issues with wells.
York Region would like to thank the residents of Kleinburg and King City for their ongoing co-operation and efforts in conserving water throughout the current Stage 2 Outdoor Water Use Ban.
As of this morning, water levels in Kleinburg have risen to over 75 per cent from close to zero per cent last weekend and King City tower volumes were reported at over 60 per cent, up from 20 per cent earlier this week.  At this time, both Kleinburg and King City water levels are adequate for firefighting capabilities.
The mechanical issues involved with the wells include a suspected blocked screen in Kleinburg’s main well and an ongoing investigation of cloudy water in King City’s backup well, 50 metres below ground level.
Work is underway to restore both wells as quickly as possible and to restore full water capacity. 
In the community of Kleinburg, the main well cannot be fully repaired until the fall when water consumption is significantly lower and the well can be taken offline while maintenance occurs.  Currently, Regional officials are looking at a number of alternative solutions for the summer, most specifically connecting to a test well that was created as a part of an Environmental Assessment.  At this time, connection to the test well is the most viable solution and is scheduled to take place by the end of July.  Staff are making every effort to ensure this process occurs as quickly as possible.
In the community of King City, Regional officials have been making efforts to rehabilitate the backup well.  It is expected that the King City backup well will be available within one to two weeks. 
While work is being done on the wells in Kleinburg and King City, it is necessary to maintain the Stage 2 Outdoor Water Ban to ensure water tower volumes are maintained at safe levels that ensure an adequate water supply for residents as well as firefighting capabilities. 
York Region would like to thank the residents of both Kleinburg and King City for their patience and co-operation while maintenance is ongoing.
A Stage 2 Outdoor Water Ban states no person shall use municipal water from a hose, pipe, sprinkler or permanent irrigation system for the purposes of watering lawns or gardens, washing vehicles, sidewalks or driveways and filling or topping up swimming pools.  Residents can be charged up to $5,000 for lawn watering in accordance with the municipal bylaw. 
Throughout the Stage 2 Water Ban, residents are reminded they are required to turn off their automatic sprinkler systems at all times.  Bylaw enforcement officers will be targeting irrigation systems as the water use associated with these systems are significant and can quickly reduce available water supply.
Earlier this week York Region announced a Water Conservation Hotline telephone number, toll-free at
1-877-464-9675 Ext. 5341 or locally at (905) 954-4006 for residents who have questions or concerns about the Stage 2 Outdoor Water Use Ban in the communities of Kleinburg and King City. 

Residents can call the designated phone line to obtain more information about the water ban and how it affects them.  The Hotline will be staffed by Regional employees during regular business hours on the weekend and a message system will be put in place for after-hour callers.
For complete information on outdoor water use in York Region, including bylaws for all nine municipalities, please visit the York Region Web site at www.york.ca and click on the Water Conservation icon or phone the Water Conservation Hotline at toll-free 1-877-464-9675 Ext. 5341 or locally (905) 954-4006 to speak with a Regional representative.
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