June 19, 2006
Media Release

York Region issues Stage 2 Mandatory Outdoor Water Use Ban for communities of Kleinburg and King City

Residents barred from using outdoor hoses and irrigation systems during Stage 2 Ban
NEWMARKET The Regional Municipality of York today has issued a Stage 2 Mandatory Outdoor Water Use Ban for the communities of Kleinburg and King City following continued decline in water reserves throughout the weekend.
A Stage 2 Mandatory Outdoor Water Ban states no person shall use municipal water from a hose, pipe, sprinkler or permanent irrigation system for the purposes of watering lawns or gardens, washing vehicles, sidewalks or driveways and filling or topping up swimming pools.  Residents can be charged up to $5,000 for lawn watering in accordance with the municipal bylaw.
Declining water levels are due partly to mechanical issues at wells in both Kleinburg and King City.  The issues include a suspected blocked screen in Kleinburg's main well and the investigation of cloudy water in King City's back-up well, 50 metres below ground level.  These mechanical issues pose no risk to public health, but do restrict the amount of water that can be drawn from the wells.
With hot, humid and dry weather this past weekend resulting in increased outdoor water use, water tower levels have continued to decline to critical levels, despite the Stage 1 Outdoor Water Use Advisory issued by York Region on June 13th.
In both Kleinburg and King City, water reserves have dropped below 20 per cent.  Water reserves of 50 per cent or higher are needed to ensure sufficient water supply for residents and to guarantee adequate water is stored for firefighting capabilities.  York Region requires co-operation from residents in both Kleinburg and King City to significantly reduce their outdoor water use.
Actions Taken to Date:
 York Region issues a Stage 2 Outdoor Water Use Ban today.
 Updated flyers are being distributed within the Kleinburg and King City communities notifying residents of the current Stage 2 Water Ban.
 Regional officials, in partnership with the City of Vaughan Works and By-law staff and the Vaughan Fire Department, visited neighbourhoods with a high concentration of sprinkler systems beginning this past weekend.  Staff are monitoring early in the morning (between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.) and visiting those households that have not turned off their sprinkler systems and asking residents to do so.  Similar efforts are beginning in King City this evening.
 Regional staff, in partnership with the City of Vaughan, delivered flyers to residents in Kleinburg beginning last week explaining to residents the Stage 1 Water Advisory and the impact it has on the community's water reserves.
 Regional staff delivered flyers to residents of King City similarly notifying them of the situation and asking them to conserve water.
 York Region issued a Stage 1 Outdoor Water Use Advisory on Tuesday, June 13th.
 Portable signs put in place at major intersections on June 9th notifying residents of the current water situation.  Signs are updated to reflect current mandatory water ban.
Through co-operation, it is hoped that York Region will be able to remove the Stage 2 Mandatory Outdoor Water Use Ban in both Kleinburg and King City once water reserves have returned to a safe level. 
York Region officials will continue to monitor outdoor water usage in both communities, in addition to maintenance work on both wells.  Every effort is being made to restore the wells to full capacity as quickly as possible, but it may be several weeks before the mechanical issues can be remedied.
Please see attached Media Backgrounder for graphs illustrating current water reserve decline in the communities of Kleinburg and King City.
For complete information on outdoor water use in York Region, including bylaws for all nine municipalities, please visit the York Region Web site at www.york.ca and click on the Water Conservation icon.  Residents can call the Water Conservation Hotline toll-free at 1-877-464-9675 Ext. 5341 or locally at (905) 954-4006 to speak with a Regional representative.
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