June 13, 2006
Media Release

York Region issues Stage 1 Outdoor Water Use Advisory for Kleinburg and King City due to mechanical issues

Water conservation urged to maintain adequate supplies for normal use and emergencies
NEWMARKET The Regional Municipality of York has issued a Stage 1 Outdoor Water Use Advisory for the communities of Kleinburg and King City due to mechanical issues with wells that service both of these communities.
A Stage 1 Water Advisory is a voluntary request to conserve outdoor water.
The mechanical issues involve a suspected blocked screen in Kleinburg's main well and the investigation of cloudy water in King City's back-up well, 50 metres below ground level.
Mechanical problems have put additional pressure on these wells, and as temperatures rise and outdoor water use increases, so will the stress on the wells.  In order to ensure firefighting capabilities can be met throughout the summer months and a sufficient supply of water for residents, York Region requires co-operation from residents in both Kleinburg and King City to voluntarily limit their outdoor water use.
Maintenance on the main well in Kleinburg cannot be scheduled until the fall when water consumption is lower and Kleinburg's water supply can be temporarily switched over to a back-up well that operates at a lower capacity. 
York Region has observed in Kleinburg that due to automatic sprinkler systems running early in the morning, water tower levels are dropping by 10 per cent volume between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.  Kleinburg residents are encouraged to decrease or eliminate their use of such sprinkler systems during this advisory.
York Region has hired a contractor to implement rehabilitation plans for the back-up well in King City.  The main well in King City continues to operate normally, however both wells are normally required to meet the peak demands of summer.
It is important to note that the water situation in both Kleinburg and King City does not pose any risk to public health.
A Stage 1 Water Advisory requests that residents voluntarily refrain from using municipal water from a hose, pipe, sprinkler or permanent irrigation system for the purposes of watering lawns or gardens, washing vehicles, sidewalks or driveways and filling or topping up swimming pools.  Residents are encouraged to water flowers, shrubs, trees or vegetables from a hand-held container.
York Region is working with representatives at both local municipalities regarding this issue, including placement of portable notification signs requesting water conservation.  Affected residents in Kleinburg and King City will also receive information hand delivered to their home this week to educate residents on water conservation and the importance of their involvement on reducing the current water demand.
Through co-operation, it is hoped that York Region will not have to elevate to a Stage 2 Outdoor Water Use Ban in either Kleinburg or King City.
Exceptions that fall under the Stage 1 Outdoor Water Use Advisory include new trees and shrubs, which can be watered during planting and for the next 24 hours.  Newly sodded lawns can be watered for up to one month following planting.
In addition, persons who own, operate or carry on the following operations or activities that rely on a steady supply and use of water are exempt from the Stage 1 Outdoor Water Use Advisory:
 Commercial or industrial facilities utilizing timed irrigation systems will be permitted to operate between 12 a.m. and 6 p.m. on a once per week basis
 All-weather playing fields if failure to water will result in a permanent loss of plant material or public safety
 Washing exterior building surfaces, including windows, parking lots, driveways or sidewalks prior to application of a product such as paint, preservative, stucco, or preparation of a surface prior to paving or repointing of bricks, or if required by law to comply with health and safety regulations
 Commercial car washes or car dealerships
 During a Stage 1 Outdoor Water Use Advisory and a Stage 2 Outdoor Water Use Ban, public sector entities may operate public water play areas between the hours of 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
 Other uses as identified by the individual area municipalities
York Region officials will continue to monitor outdoor water usage in both communities, in addition to maintenance work on both wells.
For complete information on outdoor water use in York Region, including bylaws for all nine municipalities, please visit the York Region Web site at www.york.ca and click on the Water Conservation icon.
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