December 6, 2006
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Tis the season for healthy holiday eating

NEWMARKET – As the holiday season moves into full swing, tempting sweets and delectable treats are a part of most celebrations.  But does the abundance of these delicious goodies have to come with unwanted weight gain?  York Region Public Health Nutritionists don’t think so.  Instead, they encourage residents to plan ahead and pay closer attention to the foods they choose.  Doing so, can help you savour the season’s festivities without adding on unwanted weight. 
Below are some healthy holiday eating tips:
• Allow yourself to taste and enjoy most foods but watch your portion sizes  
• Fill up the majority of your plate with lower-fat choices such as fresh fruit, veggies and low-fat dip, low-fat cheeses, shrimp cocktail, brushetta, pita and hummus or baked tortilla chips and salsa
• Beverages such as eggnog, fruit punches and alcohol are packed with calories.  Try having a sparkling water, 100% fruit or vegetable juice or a spritzer instead
• Don’t skip meals.  Skipping meals may lead to cravings and overeating, making it harder to maintain your weight
• Avoid going to a party on an empty stomach.  Have a small snack before you go to help curb your appetite
• Offer to bring a favourite low-calorie dish to the holiday gathering
• Stand away from the food so that you are not tempted to nibble.  Instead, indulge in conversation
• Keep moving.  Try some winter activities such as skating, skiing or snowshoeing.  Or just bundle up and go for a walk.  Get active and enjoy the glitter of the season
Above all, keep holiday eating in perspective.  A little over-indulgence over a few days will not break your overall healthy eating plan.  Return to your usual healthy eating habits after the celebrations and feel good that you had a chance to socialize with friends and family. 
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