August 3, 2006

York Region Administrative Centre reduces electricity demand


Results of Energy Retrofit program have significant impact during extreme heat

NEWMARKET As a result of its environmental retrofit program, the Regional Municipality of York's Administrative Centre has experienced a 13.2 per cent reduction in electricity demand and a 14.2 per cent reduction in electricity consumption based on an average monthly comparison from 2005 to 2006. 
"The electricity performance at the Administrative Centre has improved significantly since the implementation of the retrofit program last year," said Regional Chair and CEO Bill Fisch.  "We have seen a reduction in demand and consumption of electricity which has considerable impact, especially during periods of extreme heat." 
The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has significant conservation and demand management initiatives for commercial and institutional buildings in York Region. The communities served by the Armitage Transformer Station, including the Town of Newmarket, have been identified by the OPA as being among the most urgent areas of need.   As a result, York Region has been taking proactive steps to reduce electricity use.
In 2005, the Regional Municipality of York underwent a major energy retrofit project to equip the York Region Administrative Centre and other Regional facilities with advanced energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies in an effort to reduce electricity demand, consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 
"The Administrative Centre is a large public building that accommodates various after-hour and weekend activities.  Reducing consumption is an ongoing commitment," said Michael Garrett, Chief Administrative Officer for York Region.  "As a corporation and public institution, it is important to lead by example and reduce electricity, especially when power demands are at their highest."
As a part of this energy retrofit, the York Region Administrative Centre in Newmarket has been equipped with technologies to help control lighting, temperature, ventilation and water throughout the building.  New technologies include:
As a result of the energy-saving retrofit of the Administrative Centre, it is estimated that over $200,000 in facility operating costs will be saved annually.
The York Region Administrative Centre was opened in late 1993, and houses several different York Region departments as well as the York Regional Police headquarters.  The building is 497,000 square feet in size, with approximately 1,330 Regional employees; many of whom provide essential services.

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