April 24, 2006

The Community Social Data Strategy

York Region Consortium and Community Reference Group
The Community Social Data Strategy (CSDS)
York Region is a participant in the Community Social Data Strategy (CSDS), an initiative of the Canadian Council on Social Development.  The CSDS provides a gateway for municipalities and community-based organizations to access data from Statistics Canada so they may identify and better understand the social and economic trends within their individual communities.
Fifteen communities across Canada participate in the CSDS. These communities are: Calgary, Edmonton, Halton Region, Hamilton, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Peel Region, Peterborough, Red Deer, Simcoe County, Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo Region and York Region.
The York Region Consortium
The 15 communities noted above have partnered with community agencies and organizations to form consortiums to administer their project and to produce products that benefit their communities broadly.
York Regionís Consortium is comprised of The Regional Municipality of York (Lead Member), the York Region District School Board, the York Catholic District School Board, York Regional Police and the United Way of York Region.
As the legal owner of the CSDS data, the Consortium decides what will be produced and how the data will be shared with the community.  While there is always a lead data/product developer, all members of the Consortium contribute staff time to product development.
The knowledge gained through the data is intended to support the Regionís Community Services and Housing Departmentís mandate and to promote service and community program design that is more responsive to York Regionís changing demographics.  Any CSDS data and products that the Community Services and Housing Department creates will focus on increasing knowledge of the social and economic conditions of the diverse communities in York Region.
The Community Reference Group
The Consortium seeks even broader community input and consultation by inviting organizations with links to a variety of stakeholder agencies to function as part of a Community Reference Group (CRG).  This allows organizations that have access to a broad range of partner agencies and organizations but who may not be eligible to be Consortium members, to participate.  The CRG is comprised of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Catholic Community Services-Immigrant Services, the Markham Board of Trade, Human Services Planning Coalition, the York, South Simcoe Training and Adjustment Board and the Consortium.
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