June 23, 2005

York Regional Council agrees to land transfer and emergency shelter expansion in East Gwillimbury

NEWMARKET – York Regional Council today agreed to enter into an agreement of purchase and sale with Transitional and Supportive Housing Services (TSHSYR) to purchase the organization’s Yonge Street property in the Town of East Gwillimbury.
In exchange, the Region will provide up to $2.2 million to expand and complete Leeder Place Family Shelter, an emergency shelter facility.  The Region will also provide a lease to TSHSYR to enable the organization to continue to operate the existing shelters and programs.
“York Region’s involvement and project leadership will ensure successful, timely and cost-effective completion of this project,” said Regional Chair and CEO Bill Fisch.  “We want to ensure the stability of Transitional and Supportive Housing Services, an organization that continues to provide excellent service in the provision of emergency shelter services in York Region.”
York Region will negotiate with potential vendors to supply a manufactured building to be constructed on the property for use as a family and/or women’s emergency shelter.  Expenditures for the building project, authorized by Regional Council, will be funded from the Social Housing Reserve Fund.
“This investment will allow for the completion of a much-needed family shelter facility in York Region,” said Town of Newmarket Mayor Tom Taylor, Chair of the Community Services and Housing Committee.  “The expanded shelter will greatly improve the living conditions of families who are forced to stay in the shelter, allowing them to remain employed and their children to retain important community ties.”
York Region will investigate opportunities for capital funding assistance from other sources to contribute to the cost of the construction of the facility, including applications for potential funding assistance.
The authorization to proceed with the land purchase and building project are contingent upon the Board of Directors of TSHSYR accepting the offer of purchase and sale.
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