July 6, 2005

York Region opens new Waste Management Centre in East Gwillimbury

$39-million facility anticipated to increase diversion rate to 50 per cent

NEWMARKET – Representatives from the Government of Canada, the Government of Ontario and the waste management industry today joined members of York Regional Council to open York Region's new $39-million Waste Management Centre in the Town of East Gwillimbury.
The centre houses a material recovery facility (MRF), transfer station, weigh scales and an educational centre.  It can process as much as 90,000 annual tonnes of mixed Blue Box recyclables, 50,000 annual tonnes of organic kitchen waste and 75,000 annual tonnes of garbage through the transfer station.
"This state-of-the-art waste management facility helps to provide a made-in-York Region solution to waste and allows us to focus on our long-term goals of greater waste diversion," said Regional Chair and CEO Bill Fisch.  "At full capacity, this centre will be able to divert as much as half of our waste from landfills."
York Region currently diverts approximately 24 per cent of its waste.  The remaining residual waste is transported to landfill sites in Michigan and south-western Ontario.  When the centre reaches full capacity, the Region will be able to increase its diversion rate to 50 per cent or more.
"The opening of this centre marks a new chapter in waste management for our communities," said Georgina Regional Councillor Danny Wheeler, Chair of the Region's Solid Waste Management Committee.  "For years we have been reliant on landfill sites to handle our trash needs.  This three-stream facility will allow us to take a comprehensive approach to managing organic waste, recyclables and residual waste."
The Waste Management Centre is now operational and processing as much as 180 tonnes of Blue Box recyclables each day.  The sorting technology used by the facility allows residents to mix their recyclables together and add a host of new items (please see the attached Fact Sheet for a list of new recyclables).
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Fact Sheet

York Region Waste Management Centre information
Waste Management Centre specifications:
• The Centre is situated on 135 acres of land and is across the road from the Region’s Household Hazardous Waste and Recycling Depot at 225 Garfield Wright Boulevard.
• The Centre allows the Region to introduce a 3-stream waste management system, as approved by Regional Council in 2001.  The Centre consists of facilities to handle co-mingled (mixed) blue box material, residual waste and source separated food waste and an education centre.
• The Material Recovery Facility, which processes blue box material from York Region residents, is 62,000 square feet in size and will initially process 180 tonnes per day of material, which translates to 45,000 tonnes per year.  The facility has an annual design capacity of 360 tonnes per day, or 90,000 tonnes of material per year.
• The Centre also has a waste transfer station which is 32,000 square feet in size.  The transfer station will initially process 150 tonnes per day (5 tractor trailer loads) of waste which translates to 37,500 tonnes per year.  The waste transfer station is designed to process 300 tonnes per day, or 75,000 tonnes per year.
• The food waste transfer station will initially process 100 tonnes per day (three tractor trailer loads) of kitchen waste.  It is designed to process 200 tonnes per day (six tractor trailer loads), or 50,000 tonnes per year.
New Blue Box recyclables:
• The new facility has equipment and sorting lines which allow residents to place new materials in the blue box, including:
• Rigid plastics with the numbers 3 to 7 within the Mobius loop
• Aluminum foil
• Empty aerosol cans and paint cans
• Milk and juice cartons
• Now that the Material Recovery Facility processes co-mingled (mixed) materials, residents are no longer required to sort paper fibre and container materials prior to placement at the curb
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