Dec 16, 2005

The Regional Municipality of York to contract with Dongara Developments to convert waste into alternative fuel

Residual waste processing program to commence in January 2008
NEWMARKET – York Regional Council today approved the preparation of a contract agreement to ship 100,000 tonnes of residual waste per year for 20 years to Dongara Developments Inc., and convert the waste to an alternative fuel source.  The date for initial processing is anticipated to begin in January 2008.
“York Region will not continue to rely simply on landfill as a long-term option for disposal of our waste,” said Regional Chair and CEO Bill Fisch.  “This agreement with Dongara Developments will eventually help us dramatically reduce the levels of trash we send to landfill, plus the technology allows for the development of a viable fuel source for commercial sale.”
Dongara Developments has entered into an agreement with the City of Vaughan to construct a processing facility at the northeast corner of Highway 407 and Highway 27 to receive and manage waste from curbside garbage collection.  The facility will remove contaminants from the residual waste and grind it down into pellets that can be used as a burnable fuel source.
York Region currently ships residual waste – garbage that cannot be recycled or composted – to landfills in Michigan and near St. Thomas, Ontario.   With legislation to close the United States border to Canadian trash currently under review in Michigan, York Region and other municipal jurisdictions in southern Ontario continue to look for alternate means of managing residual waste.  In 2004, York Region shipped 230,000 tonnes of residual waste to landfill.  The Dongara option would remove nearly 45 per cent of this waste stream.
“Taking the Dongara option, together with the considerable efforts to increase Blue Box recyclables and introduce Source Separated Organics composting programs, demonstrates how York Region is quickly becoming a leader in diverting waste from landfill,” said Town of Georgina Regional Councillor Danny Wheeler, Chair of York Region’s Solid Waste Management Committee.  “While this method of extracting fuel from waste goes a long way to help with our diversion rate, the Province must also recognize the benefit of using these fuel pellets as an alternate source of energy in Ontario.”
The initial processing costs for the Dongara option will be $51.50 per tonne, plus transportation costs to the end market.  Currently, this type of fuel can only be sold in the United States, however, York Region will request that the Minister of the Environment allow the use of the pellets as an alternative fuel in Ontario.
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