June 23, 2005

2005 York Region Business Directory supports creation of a vibrant economy

NEWMARKET York Regional Council today released the 2005 York Region Business Directory,
a listing of approximately 11,600 businesses plus information on Regional business and employment trends,
population and labour force analyses and economic development contact information.
"This directory supports a range of business and consumer activities that cumulatively deliver a very positive
impact on our economy," said Regional Chair and CEO Bill Fisch. 
"For example, the directory can assist in business marketing efforts; it can be used to source local trades and suppliers,
it can help residents target their job searches; and it provides insightful data about the size and nature of York Region's economy.
"The economic overview within the directory will continue to build global awareness of York Region's strengths as a destination
to establish and operate a business or pursue a career," Chair Fisch added.
The York Region Business Directory is an annual publication that serves the needs of York Region residents and businesses alike. 
The directory is available in print form and electronically on CD-ROM and online.
"It provides businesses and area residents with up-to-date business address and contact information to promote existing local
businesses and to assist in business development," said Markham Regional Councillor Frank Scarpitti,
Chair of the Region's Planning and Economic Development Committee. 
"This is a valuable guide for business-to-business contact and a useful resource to learn about the diverse nature of York Region's economy."
The York Region CD-ROM and Online Business directories provide consumers with the ability to search a database of products and services
offered by York Region's businesses, which are given free listings and the ability to update their product and service information at any time. 
Users may search the database by an entire or partial company name, a keyword of a product or a service, a city or town location,
an industry category, or by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), the federal government's industry code that
is applied throughout Canada.

Once finding a business that offers the product or service you need, the directory provides you with its address,
contact information and, where available, a link to its web site. 
Also included is a mapping function to help you locate businesses and organizations along with one-stop access to community information on schools,
not-for-profit and other community organizations.

The directory also serves as a Regional marketing tool, highlighting population and employment statistics, such as:
o The number of businesses in York Region increased 4.3 per cent annually between 1998 and 2004. As of 2004, there were an estimated 27,000 businesses in the Region.
o There were an estimated 440,000 jobs in York Region in 2004.
o Recent employment growth in a number of industry sectors has contributed to the diversification of an already broad-based economy. 
This diversification helps to insulate the Regional economy from sectoral shifts in the business cycle.
The 2005 directory is based on information collected from the 2004 York Region Employment Survey, a door-to-door survey conducted with businesses
located in selected employment areas in York Region between May and August, 2004.
The Region has entered into a partnership with Breken Technologies Group to improve the data collection efforts for the York Region Employment Database
through online surveying of local businesses.
The software for the online directory will provide a contact management system to assist the Region's Planning and Development Department
with the distribution of materials to targeted audiences.
The new software is scheduled to be operational in 2005.
As database products, the directories offer an additional revenue source for the Region that help to offset their cost. 
At $175 for the electronic directory and $50 for the print directory, demand for the CD and publication continues to grow. 
Copies are available free of charge to non-profit organizations, local libraries and area municipalities.
The electronic version of the 2005 directory is currently available, with the print version becoming available by the end of June.
Contact: Tim Paleczny, Corporate Communications Services, York Region
(905) 830-4444 or (416) 297-9696, ext. 1238
Email: tim.paleczny@york.c

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