October 18, 2004

York Region launches Litter Prevention Strategy

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NEWMARKET York Region unveiled its Litter Prevent Strategy during a launch at Mazo de la Roche Public School in Newmarket today.  Regional Chair and CEO Bill Fisch, Newmarket Mayor Tom Taylor, Aurora Mayor Tim Jones and York Region District School Board Trustee Loralea Carruthers joined Grade 4 and 5 classes to help outline a new strategy to combat litter.
"Littering is a completely preventable behaviour that is unfortunately growing in York Region," said Chair Fisch.  "To ensure that our communities are kept clean, we have to change people's attitudes, to ensure they understand that littering damages our community and is not socially acceptable."
In 2003, York Region conducted a litter survey at 205 urban and rural locations.  The survey found over 8,600 pieces of litter, ranging from cigarette butts to plastic bags and candy wrappers.  This amounted to 42 items per site; higher than a similar survey in both the City of Toronto (25 items per site) and Peel Region (22 items per site).
The survey further found that litter was distributed widely across the Region, with significant amounts found in both green areas and along roadways.  It also found considerable amounts of very small pieces of litter, making the overall count even higher.
"Preventing littering is not only a matter of cleanliness, it also sends a message about our community values," said Regional Councillor Danny Wheeler, Chair of the Region's Solid Waste Management Committee.  "The goals of this Litter Prevention Strategy are to raise awareness that littering tarnishes our communities and to motivate residents to take ownership of this rampant problem."
"This strategy will have significant implications for our community and beyond," said Newmarket Mayor Tom Taylor.  "The whole notion of York Region as an attractive place to live, visit and conduct business are elements that will hinge on the success of our efforts."
The Litter Prevention Strategy has two key elements: an educational campaign to change littering behaviours, and a number of community clean-up days to deal with existing litter.  Currently, York Region has enlisted the assistance of 46 schools, a number of community agencies and private sector businesses such as Magna, IBM and Tim Horton's to assist with both elements.
Litter Clean-up events will be taking place throughout the year, with events already scheduled with schools and businesses for October 21st, 23rd and 28th.  For more information, please see the attached fact sheets.   
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