March 25, 2004

York Region to increase road resurfacing budget to $10 million by 2007

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NEWMARKET As part of the 2004 Business Plan and Budget approved by York Regional Council today, York Region will add an additional $2 million per year for the next three years to a maximum of $10 million in 2007 for road resurfacing.
"York Region has an extensive road network that is crucial to moving goods and people," said Richmond Hill Mayor Bill Bell, Chair of the York Region Transportation and Works Committee.  "Allocating additional funds at this time is important to ensure that our residents continue to have access to safe, reliable roads for transportation." 
The new funding will be added to the existing $3.4 million road resurfacing budget as follows:
 2003 budget   $3.4 million
 2004 revised budget  $5.4 million
 2005 revised budget  $7.4 million
 2006 revised budget  $9.4 million
 2007 revised budget  $10.0 million
Over the past few years, the Region has made use of a computer-based pavement management system to determine necessary rehabilitation techniques for sections of Regional roads, including crack sealing, pavement rehabilitation, resurfacing, asphalt recycling and reconstruction.  Forecast models suggested that the current good condition of Regional roads would deteriorate by 2013 without additional funding for maintenance.
Variables such as traffic volumes, road drainage, and available funding will all be entered into the pavement management system to determine the most appropriate road rehabilitation options, in an effort to keep 90 per cent of regional roads in fair to excellent condition.  The pavement management system will produce an annual pavement rehabilitation program to identify road rehabilitation priorities.
"Our pavement management system is a critical tool in allocating resources efficiently and appropriately," said Kees Schipper, Commissioner of Transportation and Works for York Region.  "Combining this technology with our new funding model will ensure that the substantial investment the Region has placed in our roads system will be well protected into the future."
The current Regional road system consists of more than 3,100 kilometres of paved lanes an asset worth approximately $1.5 billion.
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