December 16, 2004

York Region energy program saves $251,000 in 2004

NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York’s Energy Management Program has achieved $251,000 in net savings in 2004 and is projected to save another $487,000 next year.
“Energy management is becoming increasingly important across the Region and throughout Canada,” said Regional Chair and CEO Bill Fisch.  “It is within our mandate to promote the efficient use of energy while positioning the Region as a leader in energy efficiency and environmental performance.”
In 2004, the Region completed Building Energy Feasibility Studies (BEFS) that target aggressive energy and water savings in Regional facilities on more than 1.1 million sq. ft. of the Region’s building portfolio.  In addition, the studies led to the creation of an in-house Energy and Environment Management System (EEMS) – a Web-based software that captures energy consumption and expenses of buildings, street lights, transportation and other facilities.
The EEMS license was subsequently sold to two municipalities in York Region.  The Region also identified and implemented solutions to resolve billing errors, streamline utility bill processes and achieve energy procurement savings.
“This is encouraging news regarding the progress York Region is making on this Energy Management Program,” said Markham Mayor Don Cousens, Chair of the Region’s Finance and Administration Committee.  “The Region, due to our range of facilities and operations, is a significant consumer of energy, and it is wise to consider ways to reduce energy consumption in light of increasing utility costs.”
In 2005, the Region plans to implement the findings of the BEFS, beginning with the York Region Administrative Centre and conduct energy performance improvements in its Water and Wastewater operations.  Other energy initiatives include the development of standardized energy efficiency guidelines for new building design, equipment and retrofits.
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