September 18, 2003

York Region to ask Province to allow photo radar and red light cameras

NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York will ask the Provincial Government to allow for the permanent use of photo radar and red light cameras on roads in York Region.  Members of Regional Council and the York Region Police Services Board have both endorsed the move.


“The issue is one of safety on our roads,” said Regional Chair and CEO Bill Fisch.  “Incidents of red light running and speeding have been a growing concern, and traditional mitigation measures just are not solving the problem.”


The Province recently extended a two-year pilot project in six Ontario jurisdictions to 2004, allowing for the use of red light cameras.  The results of the pilot studies suggest that the use of these cameras reduced incidences of red light running by 40 per cent.  In May 1999, York Regional Council voted in support of the red light camera program, but did not qualify as a participant in the study.   


Despite the Province’s repealing of photo radar in 1995, the use of photo technology is viewed as a cost-effective way to prevent speeding.


Should the Province allow the permanent use of photo radar and red light cameras, York Region will develop a program to initiate, operate and maintain a program, based on successes in other jurisdictions, collision analyses and cost-benefit studies.


“As a preventative measure, the success rate of the red light camera technology is very encouraging,” said Richmond Hill Mayor Bill Bell, Chair of the Region’s Transportation and Works Committee.  “Hopefully, this will be an economically-sound solution to a growing problem in our communities.”


The Province is expected to make a ruling on the future status of the red light camera project in December 2003. 


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