July 25, 2003

York Region will continue to defend by-law to control local sewage collection system in King City

NEWMARKET – The Regional Municipality of York will continue to defend Regional By-law S-0060-2001-071 that gives the Region control of the King City local sewage collection system in conjunction with the York Durham Sewage System (YDSS).

The YDSS for King City continues to pass every legal challenge to date. On June 27th, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice dismissed an application by King Township to quash the Region’s by-law. The Region is now forced to defend its by-law again after King Township filed Notice to Appeal Madame Justice Alexandra Hoy’s most recent court decision to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

"In light of the most recent court decision supporting the Region, it is certainly time to move forward with construction of the YDSS and the local collection system," said Bill Fisch, Regional Chair and CEO. "Unfortunately, King Township continues its attempt to delay this important and necessary project."

A gravity-based local sewage collection system – standard and proven technology used in the majority of Ontario systems – is the most technically sound and cost efficient system to complement the York Durham Sewage System (YDSS) for King City, and will eliminate failing septic systems in the community.

In her written decision, Madame Justice Hoy praised the efforts of the Region to attempt to reach an amicable solution with King Township.

"I am satisfied that the Region has made all reasonable efforts to co-operate with the Township to implement the YDSS option recommended by the Class EA," wrote Madame Justice Hoy. "I note, for example, the willingness of the Region to reduce the size of the "big pipe" in an effort to address the Township’s concerns."

Chair Fisch, meanwhile, is asking, once again, for co-operation from King Township.

"I ask all members of Township of King Council to work together with The Regional Municipality of York to benefit the residents and businesses of King City," said Chair Fisch. "The YDSS for King City complements the King City Community Plan, and future growth will be controlled across the community. In fact, the Environmental Assessment approved by the Minister of the Environment specifically limits the pipe size to service the community plan."

As requested in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice judgement, York Region has provided a detailed cost submission to Madame Justice Hoy. The document also provides details of the Region’s Offer to Settle, approved by York Regional Council on May 23, 2003.

Details of the Region’s Offer to Settle, dismissed by King Township on June 12, 2003, include:

The YDSS incorporates proven technology, and its gravity system is simple and better for the environment. This is the same technology used in the majority of collection systems across Ontario, including several York Region communities (such as Aurora and Whitchurch-Stouffville) that are situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine.

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Contact: Patrick Casey, Senior Media Relations Specialist, York Region

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