December 11, 2003

York Region and King Township agree to proceed with local sewage collection system in King City


NEWMARKET – York Regional Council today authorized an agreement with King Township to service King City through a local sewage collection system and connection with the York Durham Sewage System (YDSS).


The agreement, approved by King Township Council on December 8th, includes the Township abandoning its court appeal of Regional By-law S-0060-2001-071 that gives the Region control of the King City local sewage collection system in conjunction with the YDSS.


“This agreement will allow King City residents and businesses to receive the sewer servicing they require to complement the King City Community Plan,” said Bill Fisch, Regional Chair and CEO.  “I am very optimistic that together we can now move forward to build this needed infrastructure quickly and economically.”

The main points of the agreement include:


“The Region’s plans for a local collection system have always been the best available option for King City,” said Chair Fisch, noting the Region has already spent in excess of $600,000 defending its Regional by-law.


The YDSS incorporates a proven, gravity-based technology that is simple and environmentally sound.   It will connect King City to the YDSS in phases – with the first phase slated for completion by December 2004.  The entire project is expected to be complete by December 2008.


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