November 22, 2002

Regional Municipality of York to begin installation of new energy efficient traffic signals

NEWMARKET York Regional Council yesterday authorized a $4.7 million program to install new energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) traffic signals across York Region. With installation to begin in 2003, the LED Retrofit and Replacement program will see existing incandescent traffic signals upgraded over the next three years.

"Endorsing this program is an easy decision because it represents sound business practice," said Bill Fisch, Regional Chair and CEO. "Low energy LED technology has the potential to save as much a $900,000 annually in hydro and maintenance costs alone."

Many jurisdictions are switching to the new LED signals because they are easy to maintain, provide greater signal visibility and use up to 90 per cent less energy to operate. York Region began installing the LED signals on new projects in 2001, following a successful trial program in 2000.

"LED technology is far more functional than incandescent bulbs," said Town of Richmond Hill Mayor William F. Bell, Chair of the York Region Transportation and Works Committee. "In addition to the obvious safety and operational advantages, the current lowering of LED prices make them a clear alternative for us."

LED technology is different from incandescent bulbs in that it consists of a number of small lights connected in strings. Should one of the strings fail, the other strings continue to maintain the operation of the signal. The LED technology is also extremely durable, rated as having an average life cycle of 10 years.

At current hydro rates, the LED Retrofit and Replacement program is expected to pay for itself in just six years.

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